Just saw Pip´s facebookpost about the Danish aebleskiver, and I suddenly felt a craving for some as well..

Normally in Denmark it as a very christmassy treat, but hey, its only 6 more months, so I guess it would be ok to have some anyway!

Most Danes, 90 percent I would say, buy them readymade in the supermarket freezer section, but if you have time and energy to make them yourself, they are mighty good.

Here comes an old Danish recipe for them:

250 grams of flour

1/2 teaspoon salt

2 teaspoons sugar

1 teaspoon baking powder

some organic lemon zest

3 organic egg yolks

4 dl buttermilk

3 organic egg whites


mix the dry ingredients with the lemon zest

whip egg yolks and buttermilk together – and stir into the dry mix

let it rest a little bit

whip the egg whites until they are stiff and softly mix them with the rest of the batter.


An then it´s the tricky part since you need a special pan. Put the batter into the holes in the pan, about one third full. Turn the aebleskiver with a knitting needle, when they are baked on one side and keep turning until they are crispy on the outside.

Served with white powdered sugar and jam. Nutella if you are bad…

– Oh yeah, and for the old time traditional experience put small pieces of apple inside them when baking, that´s why the are called apple slices !


Enjoy 🙂



My little helper

I wish I could have just as much fun sorting through stuff as little Roxie..


I have a whole house that needs a good sorting and cleaning, and really I would love to do nothing but potter today, but my thesis is due Monday, and I made a plan with myself to finish it today.

I need to write that final line and then just press save for the last time. Now. Then I will be free to do whatever I want.

Glorious times

It’s no secret that life with two little girls does not always leave much time for Alan and I to talk, connect and all that jazz. We laugh a lot, look at our daughters and sigh – sometimes in frustration but mostly with happiness, but talking is something we forget to do. There is always someone singing, screaming or needing attention, so we almost never finish our conversations.

So today my joy was great as Alan leaned in from outside through the kitchen window as I was preparing some dinner and he was chopping some wood (sounds idyllic doesn’t it..) and simply said, that this life makes him very happy.

That was short but all I needed to know. And I heard every word.


My man and the girls in front of the chicken coop. Life is sometimes really, really good.

More pictures of a great weekend with family.



Fun with knitted squares

Even though I love everything crafty, I am not that good at knitting. But my grandmother is, so I sent her lots of yarn and asked for some little squares with two triangles on them.

Often I receive a bundle in a little envelope.

Now I have a lot. I am not quite sure what to make of them, a blanket, matching vests for me and the girls, hats? Or just to keep them as toys for the girls to throw around.





Wonderfull walls!

Our walls in the house are white.

It is not easy to see, as there is so much stuff on them.

But I love all the paintings, the drawings, pictures, the hama beads that Jolina makes, because it reminds me of only good things. Memories and tummy-warming-feelings.

IMG_4679 IMG_4680

Most of the frames are from IKEA – and some are just old. Some of the pictures are properly printed photos, but others are just made on the copier at uni. I just ment to make them as a test, and then I forgot to order proper prints.. Well, it still looks good.  And I love it!

I played around with the pictures in photoshop, tweaked some colours, added some fun, and now I just get so happy whenever I look at them.

– Oh yeah, and that is chocolate around Jolina´s mouth. Of course.

2 hvid 30 40 - Copy 2 sort 30 30 3 hvid 30 40 - Copy antik 19027

Hexagon quilt cozyness

My mother gave me a quilt to finish, that she began many years ago. It is almost as old as me, so it has been lying in her craft-drawers for many years.. There was also a pillow, that I had actually been stiching together a few years later. Not good notes to the 7-year old me for her end-stichings, though.. I should hopefully be better at that now.


I finished both, even though it was very strange sewing by hand again. And I did try some of the online tutorials on how to do it on the machine, but it did not work out that well for me. Not at all. So I did it the slow and cozy sitting-in-the-sofa-legs-up-way.

And now Jolina loves it. And she snuggles up on the floor with her favourite things – that will be Fireman Sam and her scooter, close to her.

IMG_3561 IMG_3564

I love that it is so colourful, so mis-matched, and that it so reminds me of my mother´s craft-drawers.

The chickens are finally here!

Today has been a great day.

It’s the day before Alan’s birthday, so we had a lovely cake. Awesome! And he even had some of it, the soon to be birthday boy who has been so healthy for soo long. He could not resist the icing I guess.


But we also had the pleasure of putting 4 chickens in our henhouse. They seemed a bit confused, but I hope they will learn their way around soon.

I can’t wait for fresh eggs every day! Oh how much fun it will be. Thanks to Alan and my stepdad for building it. And welcome chickens, we hope you will enjoy it here.




Oh yes, and their names are; Kaj, Emma, Charlie and Filippa after some of Jolinas favorite people and animals.

Even though it is ugly, it can still taste nice…

I love baking, I really do.

I also happen to love cake!

It is not always that it turns out pretty though, and most often my ugliest cakes taste the best. Recently I had a go at a recipe I found on pinterest, that I just had to try. Alan loves cinnamon swirls, or cinnamon snails as we call them in Denmark, and it seemed like a nice little evening project.


This was how it was supposed to look like – (Not sideways though, but wordpress will not let me correct that at the moment..)


Luckily it still tasted yummy even though it was like the cinnamon swirl´s fat, ugly sister.

Our house

I have just been in touch with the IKEA LIVE Family magazine, and they are perhaps, perhaps, perhaps going show our house in the fall edition of the magazine. That could be so great! I love everything Swedish, everything IKEA, and to have our home on IKEA-paper could be amazing. But nothing is certain yet, so I better not get my hopes up. Hard not to, though..

I sent them these pictures I have taken at times when our home was not at its messiest state, but with two little girls (and me) around, it most often is.

As you can maybe see, there is quite a lot of IKEA in our home – and also a lot we have changed to make new furniture solutions. I really like it, and even though our house is so messy, it is my favourite place of all.

IMG_7107 IMG_7108 IMG_7109 IMG_7115 IMG_7118 IMG_7119 IMG_7121 IMG_7122 IMG_7123 IMG_7124

I am back!

It is been a little while, and I have not done as much with this blog as I wanted. I have been busy at school, with my Danish blog and with a lot of other projects. But now I feel like it is time to get serious with this, and so, I welcome you again.

My intention with this blog is to share some of the things I do at home with the girls, creative niceness, stuff happening in my hometown, and well, just random quiet life. Amazing stuff, really!


What is not so amazing, this happened to my beloved blender yesterday. Smoothie all over the kitchen. Sometimes it would just have been better to have some bacon for breakfast and not try to be so healthy!