Wonderfull walls!

Our walls in the house are white.

It is not easy to see, as there is so much stuff on them.

But I love all the paintings, the drawings, pictures, the hama beads that Jolina makes, because it reminds me of only good things. Memories and tummy-warming-feelings.

IMG_4679 IMG_4680

Most of the frames are from IKEA – and some are just old. Some of the pictures are properly printed photos, but others are just made on the copier at uni. I just ment to make them as a test, and then I forgot to order proper prints.. Well, it still looks good.  And I love it!

I played around with the pictures in photoshop, tweaked some colours, added some fun, and now I just get so happy whenever I look at them.

– Oh yeah, and that is chocolate around Jolina´s mouth. Of course.

2 hvid 30 40 - Copy 2 sort 30 30 3 hvid 30 40 - Copy antik 19027

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