Spaceman dress

Yes, I have been crafty today. And I loved it!

The nursery and kindergarten was open today, holiday is not before Monday, and the kids were happy to go there, so I was happy stay at home alone and have fun with my sewing machine.

Ah, such good times we had.

I cut the fabric quite quickly from an old dress since I am not one for patterns, and I just made adjustments along the way. It’s not perfect but good enough for me. Great actually. I am so happy.

The spaceman fabric is from my trio to Gothenburg last year, from the amazing thriftshop Myrorna. I was ecstatic when I found it. The striped fabric is from a thriftshop in my local area and very retro.

Making stuff is something I need once in a while. It’s my kick. And today was just a super boost.








It’s been a while. But here I am again.

And now it’s summer holiday time! Yay for that!

Tomorrow we have 4 weeks off with the girls and we will spend the time in our local area but also visiting the lovely family in London. Can’t wait!

Since I last wrote I had my birthday. The best party ever with some of my favorite ladies. It was fun. We had Baileys chocolate mousse. We danced. Laughed so hard. And I didn’t get to bed until five in the morning.


We also had a visit from Alan’s cousin and we took him to our local not so sunny beach. Both the guys were amazing and went in the freezing water. I myself am hoping for better temperatures when we are going to the beach next week..


Now we just got back from a trip to Copenhagen visiting some of my family. A great long weekend. And reunions are always wonderful.