With the new year coming up it is time for resolutions. And I want to try to do something that matters to me, something that I have thought about doing for a long time (and tried to before, with more or less success if honest).

I have been inspired to do it before by the Danish blogger Ida,
She has some great thoughts about not buying clothes, and writes about it very cleverly – in Danish. One sentence I have tried to translate though, since I think it says it perfectly (sorry if the translations is not brilliant) “To fall in love with a piece of clothing is like falling for a person. Volatile and something that is in that exact moment. A fysical representation of a dream of something that could be.”
And I feel that way too. Buying clothes for me is very much having that dream of another version of myself, somebody that looks better, is cooler, has a nicer behind – you probably know what I mean..

Now another great blogger, Pip Lincolne has given me an idea about what to do.

She writes about #YOEF – A Year Of Ethical Fashion.

The pledge sounds like this:
If I’m looking for things to wear I will only:

a) Buy from ethical makers or
b) Buy second-hand or
c) Make it myself or
d) Wear things I already own or
e) Borrow or swap garments with friends

– And that sounds right to me. I have a wardrobe full of stuff, I love to shop second hand, I miss making stuff for myself, and I would like to swap with friends.

So this is something I want to do. Really, really, really want to do. And then lets not talk about the fact that I just ordered two grey shirts from h&m last week. Shirts that are very similar to shirts I already have. And lets not talk at all about the fact that I spent a long time last night looking through the sale racks on asos. Clothes-sale-shopping is an addiction to me, just like sugar, and it is going to be hard to kick it. But I am going to give it a try. (Then we will see it come to its test whenever we go to London next time and I want to hit the high-streets..)

But the thing is, that I do not need any more stuff, and the fashion-industry with all its sweatshops, badly secured factories and tonse of waste, is something I do not want to support. And I am going to try and think of that, when wanting clothes I do not need. I wish I knew which companies are ethical makers and actually treat their workers and the environment right, but that is a jungle I cant see through.

So I will just try to not buy more new clothes to fill this planet, and I will try to do other things than shop, when I want to look good or feel better about myself.


Three cheers for Christmas!

This Christmas has been unreal – in a good way.

We have had a cosy December, almost too much Christmas cheer and good spirits. After handing in my exams I had so much energy for all the things I wanted to do, and some of it even happened – homemade presents, awesome cookiebaking, decorations around the house, which did make me feel supermom’ish, but the girls showed me with fits and tantrums, that perhaps it was too much. That cramming too much happiness, cheer and festivity in does not actually work. Or perhaps they just suddenly found out, that they are 2 and 4, and that the have been way too well behaved for too long, and that it was time to challenge that. So they did by kicking and screaming their way through a horrible weekend.

And then we slowed down.

Which made things better again.

Christmas Eve we had a lovely time. The day had been fine, lots of play, god christmas films, some early presents, a visit from Father Christmas, and treats in abundance. That resulted in Roxie falling asleep early in the evening, long before dancing around the tree and handing out presents, but that meant that Jolina got some alone time with the rest of us. And she handled it so well. She loved the dancing, the singing, and waited ever so nicely for the presents to go round. My big, big girl.

We were happy and proud when we took her to bed at 8.30. She was very tired but fine to go to sleep. Great!

Then we all just ate some more, talked and celebrated the evening. We did not have the mountain of presents that I remember from earlier days, but I enjoyed that it was an amount Jolina could handle, and that we did not spend the whole evening opening presents. More time to eat chocolate.

Yesterday we then had some visitors from the past, old friends lost from long time ago, and it has been so much fun. Unreal almost to imagine that it could happen. Christmas has given us the time and opportunity to catch up, laugh and drink lots of wine.

If it was not because I had such a massive hangover and have not got a cheeseburger in each hand, I would be so perfectly happy right now. But I am pretty damn close.








Recipe for Christmas goodness

Today I shared some pictures on Instagram of my baking-cookie-process, and not least the result afterwards.

One asked for the recipe, and here it is, in case anybody feels the need to bake something yummy.


300 grams of butter
150 grams of icing sugar
400 grams of flour
2 eggs
I teaspoon baking powder
2 teaspoons vanilla sugar
50 grams of finely cut almonds
50 grams of finely cut dark chocolate

Knead, knead and knead. For ages. Until its a nice textured dough.
Add more flour if needed.

Roll it out flat.

Roll out 400 grams of marcipan with some icing sugar.

Place the marcipan piece on top of the cookie dough. Roll it together.

Cut it in smaller pieces and roll it smaller. Cut it into 4 mm pieces and place on baking tray. Bake until crispy. Approx 15 mins, but will vary from oven to oven.

Let them cool for as long as you can wait.

Then eat with milk. Lots of milk.

The roll is not that visible in the cookie, but you can see it up close. And you can taste it!

– good thing I have two classes in the gym tomorrow…



The bottom cookie is a different recipe. Also good. Just if you think they look very different, that’s why.

The coolest colouring book ever!

Over on one of my favourite inspirational blogs, Dos Family, Jenny and her husband have made a truly awesome project. The have turned Jenny’s cool photographs into a colouring book! It is amazing. Read about it and order it here. I have given myself – or the whole family I know it will be, one for Christmas. And I can’t wait to colour something else than pink Disney princesses!






And then it was Christmas…

Today is the 18th of December. The 18th of happiness I almost want to say.

Today is the day I have to hand in my exam projects which means that I am off school until my exams in January. Yes, I still have to read, revise and prepare presentations, but I am lucky. There is loads of time for that.

So to celebrate that I brought Jolina with me on the train today. We handed in the projects at uni and then left for the town of Aalborg.

It was great! So cosy. And it reminded me of how awesome she is. And how big! She is such a little grown up.

Now we are home again. Listening to Christmas music and making presents before Roxie is ready to come home from her nap at daycare. Life is good.

This morning I was reminded by this amazing woman to be grateful for all the good things. And indeed I am. And I wish I could send her all the power in the world.. She deserves a good Christmas and so much more.

Be happy out there. Take care of each other.





Just wanted to say a little hello. So hello then.

It’s Friday and another crazy week is turning into a hopefully awesome weekend.

This week has given us builders, dust, moldy particles and that kind of stuff in the house. But hopefully also a partly new floor very very soon. Thank God for quick builders. They make a lot of noise, play the music so loud that the old lady inside me wants to kill their radio, but they do work. Which means we have a floor to put the Christmas tree on.

I have been reading up for my project and in a moment – as soon as I am done writing this, I will start writing something. Clever shit I hope. And not too long since there actually is quite a small maximum on the words. Which is always hard. Hate those limitations.

We have also been crafty. There is nothing better than homemade presents. Or that’s what I like to think anyways. And it’s so cozy making them. I know it will be no surprise now to some of the receivers, but they will arrive soon for you, so it’s just a little teaser…

Jolina went to kindergarten today in her red dress. They are having their Christmas party and were allowed to dress up. She really wanted to wear her tinkerbell outfit, but apparently that wasn’t ok. Costumes were not allowed, why I do not know. Just know that I think it’s stupid. Sometimes little girls should be allowed to wear their frilly silly stuff. Or be batman, whatever they like.

Tonight it’s my turn. I have a Christmas party and even though I don’t have a tinkerbell dress to wear I am still really excited. Have not decided on outfit or shoes. But I can’t wait ! Oh, and my contribution to the party is 1,8 kg of sweets. We all bring something and this was what I should supply. So I bought it this morning right after my SH-Bam-class. Guess the girl in the line thought I was going home to have a binge-party…

I will try not to eat it all before tonight.








The deadline

I am so behind.

And it is totally my own fault. For choosing to have kids. Kids that come with snot, upset tummies and mommy-clingyness. And not at least kids that are so great, cool, wonderful and fun, that I would so much rather spend time with them than study.

So it’s all on me that I am now sitting with two exams that need to be handed in on the 18th and not a lot done on them.

But there is still time. I can work nights on this. I can read a thousand words per minute. I can do it. I can write speedy as the wind.

I hope.

Because tomorrow I have agreed to go with Jolina and her kindergarten to church. And today I am picking Roxie up early from the substitute childminder. And I also promised Jolina to make some presents with her this afternoon.

Somehow Christmas makes me want to be a supermom, and that’s hard when also having to do well at uni.

But I guess, if all else fails I will just bluff. Just not the mommy-part.


Painting on porcelain

Jolina and I had a really cozy day earlier this week. We did some porcelain-painting on pots, candleholders, little milk jugs and plates. Fun to do for a 4-year-old, and definitely also lots of fun for me.

After an hour in the oven the colors are made dishwashersafe – and then they should be ready to go as Christmas pressies.

Love doing stuff like this with Jolina!





After the storm

So the storm raged on last night for quite a while. The entire night actually. And at a certain point I could not sleep anymore.

It felt like the wind had taken hold of our house, and everytime a heard a large noise, I was sure it was our huge trampoline in the garden being smashed into houses and cars down the road. I could feel the pain from embarrassment and insurance claims already.

( – just pointing out that this is not our trampoline – or house, but that was how it looked in my mind after watching too many trampolines fly hazardously away in the storm on the news.)

And that is not a great picture to be stuck with from 1 to 4 am.

For a few hours I could not find rest at all, even though I tried to calm myself thinking that it had already held against the worst part of the storm. As well as the last storm we had. And that it was properly secured by the massive trunks Alan had put under its construction when we first got it.

It’s just that silly way, when a thought gets into your mind and simply won’t leave. Very annoying.

I was thinking whether I could run out into the garden and secure it extra with some rope, but not really knowing if we had any rope it never went any further… And I was seriously afraid of being out there anyways. It was scary enough to be inside the house..

In the morning luckily all was well. And I did manage to sleep for a few hours.

Now it’s just really windy and I took Roxie for a trip to the library to not listen to the creaks and noise of our house. The worst bit is over. Now there’s hopefully just a calm and safe weekend to look forward to.


The Copenhagen-trip that never happened

Some of my Danish readers might recall that I was plundering a long time about a trip to Copenhagen with Alan some time ago. About whether to go by train or plane. If the plane would crash and make the girls orphans. About anxiety and fear. About romance, being away from the girls and enjoying two nights with opportunities of sleeping in.

We decided on the train. And we were supposed to go today. Tickets ready and everything. Bags packed. Notes written to my mum about what happens when, where and how. Clothes for the girls laid out. Lunch bags for our 6-hour train ride made. All clear to go.

But then the storm came. The terrible storm, Bodil… And maybe we could have made it, with many hours delay, but we decided simply not to try. Just out of fear of being stuck somewhere. Suddenly it wasn’t really worth it.

And I guess Tivoli (which was our romantic plan) is probably not going to be a lot of fun tomorrow anyways. Not to mention, that last time after the storm it took quite a while before the trains ran normally again, and I know, that being stuck in Copenhagen, when I want – NEED to get home to my girls will not be an option. It’s hard enough to leave them, thinking that I could get home anytime.

So a bit of a mixed feelings today.

Kind of meh.

Lovely being at home with the winds raging outside, but never fun to cancel plans. Plans I was actually looking forward to.

But making the best if it now. Will finish off Game of Thrones with Alan very soon, and whatever chocolate that’s left in the house with that. Crossing our fingers that the chicken coop won’t fly away with the chickens in it. It definitely sounds like it could come banging against our windows anytime soon.

I hope you are all safe inside if the storm is hanging out in your neighborhood too.