The Copenhagen-trip that never happened

Some of my Danish readers might recall that I was plundering a long time about a trip to Copenhagen with Alan some time ago. About whether to go by train or plane. If the plane would crash and make the girls orphans. About anxiety and fear. About romance, being away from the girls and enjoying two nights with opportunities of sleeping in.

We decided on the train. And we were supposed to go today. Tickets ready and everything. Bags packed. Notes written to my mum about what happens when, where and how. Clothes for the girls laid out. Lunch bags for our 6-hour train ride made. All clear to go.

But then the storm came. The terrible storm, Bodil… And maybe we could have made it, with many hours delay, but we decided simply not to try. Just out of fear of being stuck somewhere. Suddenly it wasn’t really worth it.

And I guess Tivoli (which was our romantic plan) is probably not going to be a lot of fun tomorrow anyways. Not to mention, that last time after the storm it took quite a while before the trains ran normally again, and I know, that being stuck in Copenhagen, when I want – NEED to get home to my girls will not be an option. It’s hard enough to leave them, thinking that I could get home anytime.

So a bit of a mixed feelings today.

Kind of meh.

Lovely being at home with the winds raging outside, but never fun to cancel plans. Plans I was actually looking forward to.

But making the best if it now. Will finish off Game of Thrones with Alan very soon, and whatever chocolate that’s left in the house with that. Crossing our fingers that the chicken coop won’t fly away with the chickens in it. It definitely sounds like it could come banging against our windows anytime soon.

I hope you are all safe inside if the storm is hanging out in your neighborhood too.


2 thoughts on “The Copenhagen-trip that never happened

  1. You did the right thing cancelling. I was supposed to fly out of Copenhagen yesterday and my flight was cancelled just minutes before it should have taken off. I was stuck at the airport with hundreds of people in the same situation….it was frustrating and tiring and I have just arrived home 24 hours later than expected. I would have loved to have just avoided the whole experience!

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