With the new year coming up it is time for resolutions. And I want to try to do something that matters to me, something that I have thought about doing for a long time (and tried to before, with more or less success if honest).

I have been inspired to do it before by the Danish blogger Ida,
She has some great thoughts about not buying clothes, and writes about it very cleverly – in Danish. One sentence I have tried to translate though, since I think it says it perfectly (sorry if the translations is not brilliant) “To fall in love with a piece of clothing is like falling for a person. Volatile and something that is in that exact moment. A fysical representation of a dream of something that could be.”
And I feel that way too. Buying clothes for me is very much having that dream of another version of myself, somebody that looks better, is cooler, has a nicer behind – you probably know what I mean..

Now another great blogger, Pip Lincolne has given me an idea about what to do.

She writes about #YOEF – A Year Of Ethical Fashion.

The pledge sounds like this:
If I’m looking for things to wear I will only:

a) Buy from ethical makers or
b) Buy second-hand or
c) Make it myself or
d) Wear things I already own or
e) Borrow or swap garments with friends

– And that sounds right to me. I have a wardrobe full of stuff, I love to shop second hand, I miss making stuff for myself, and I would like to swap with friends.

So this is something I want to do. Really, really, really want to do. And then lets not talk about the fact that I just ordered two grey shirts from h&m last week. Shirts that are very similar to shirts I already have. And lets not talk at all about the fact that I spent a long time last night looking through the sale racks on asos. Clothes-sale-shopping is an addiction to me, just like sugar, and it is going to be hard to kick it. But I am going to give it a try. (Then we will see it come to its test whenever we go to London next time and I want to hit the high-streets..)

But the thing is, that I do not need any more stuff, and the fashion-industry with all its sweatshops, badly secured factories and tonse of waste, is something I do not want to support. And I am going to try and think of that, when wanting clothes I do not need. I wish I knew which companies are ethical makers and actually treat their workers and the environment right, but that is a jungle I cant see through.

So I will just try to not buy more new clothes to fill this planet, and I will try to do other things than shop, when I want to look good or feel better about myself.


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