The cute sisters

I was  browsing through the photographs from new years from my father in law on the laptop. Procratinating while actually doing something else of course. For some reason they have just been forgotten there until now. And what a nice surprise they were. So many great shots of my happy girls.

I just want to share them with you – and thank the photographer!

And just wonder – there ´s one blonde and blue-eyed, and one dark and brown-eyed. I am sure the next (just hypothetical) one would have to be a ginger boy!

IMG_9193 IMG_9276 IMG_9437 IMG_9546 IMG_9609 IMG_9627

Monday the 27nd of January

So far today –

I have had a nervous morning – the childminder called in sick, but the good replacement was available to take Roxie for a few hours until my classes in the gym were done. The good replacement would not take Roxie in with her rash though, so after half an hour waiting on hold on the doctors line, I got through, and Alan could take Roxie there, while I was at work. They met me at the gym after, all was well with the rash, and Roxie and I could walk home, while Alan went to work.

We went to the library first to say hi to my dad though, and Roxie ate a biscuit. Or crumbled a biscuit all over the pram and herself.

We walked home through the snow. Cold and crazy.

I shared the rest of last night´s pizza with Roxie for lunch. In the sofa while watching Postman Pat, because that´s the kind of mum I am today.

I tried to wipe pizza of the sofa.

I changed Roxie´s clothes because they were full of pizza.

I put Roxie out for her nap in the pram in our hallway. Not in the cold outside. I know it is ok to do, but I am simply not going out there today more than I have to.

I inhaled 3 Kinder Milk-slices my dad gave to me. He thought they had maybe gone bad, so he said I should not give them to the girls, and I said ok, that I would test them first. And so now I have tested. All three of them.

And now I am sitting here. thinking that since it´s February soon, it would probably be a good idea to put the new wall calendar for 2014 up. So far I have only managed to take the old one down. But that´s also a start.

It´s Monday. Right now a very slow and cold one.





It´s not really possible to see the snowstorm in this photo, but I promise you, it´s crazy!

Teddys for a good cause

I have been off from school and spending my time in the best possible way. With the girls – and with my sewing machine and fabrics. That is just the best me-time I can get. I have been making stuff for fun, but also a project that I wanted to participate in.

There is a huge national collection underway, to collect money to help children who are without mothers. It is a great cause to support, and a Danish craft magazine have made DIYs to homemade teddys, that can be donated to help the kiddies and help raise money. I have managed to make 4 little friends to send off later today.

I like doing things like these, even though it is just a little something, it still feels nice to be a part of something bigger. To show that perhaps if we all give a small contribution it will hopefully make a difference.

– And it is a good cause to support. I have no idea how hard it is to grow up without a mother, but my whole childhood it was the thing I feared the most. To loose my mum. Now being a mother myself, I cannot bear to think the hought of leaving my little girls. It easily turns into a horrible nightmare in my mind.

My sweet grandmother lost her mother when she was very young. And to make the story even worse, she got a stepmother that she really loved, who died soon after as well. Both gone to the dreaded psittacosis (parrot disease) that was quite dangerous on the Faroe Islands where my grandmother grew up in the 1920s. Sad, sad story, and even though my great-grandfather did all he could to be the best possible father ever, I am sure my grandmother always missed her mum terribly.
151 million kids are without a parent – or both of them! For many of them that makes life so much more dangerous. They could use help.
It is horrible that the amount of kids in need is so huge, and sad that we cannot save all of them, but I am happy to show my support. I hope lots of money will be raised to help kids missing their mothers.




Winter wonderland

It’s Sunday.

I have been celebrating since Thursday where I passed the exam with a good result, and I feel blessed knowing that there is an unknown number of days till the next semester starts. No more morning – or afternoon sickness since then. Just some time to relax.

The weather has been crazy. So much snow, and we are doing lots of pretending that we actually live in a ski-cabin in Norway. Not the worst thing to pretend in this beautiful landscape. Jolina has learned about different foodgroups in the kindergarten, and when I asked her about chocolate, she said it was the perfect food to bring when you go skiing. Quite right.
One day we hope to go skiing again. With the girls. And lots of treats in our pockets. Today we pretended, so we had some little goodies to hand out in between playing in the snow.


Today I also went out on my own to the local museum. They have a 60’s exhibition and I saw a scarf – and found out my greatnanny made it! A sweet story that I did not know about.



Morning sickness all day long

The bag for tomorrow is almost packed. Clothes ready. Train card on the table.

I have made the last notes for my presentations and come to peace with the huge stack of books on my desk still unread.

The universe gave me a slap in the face yesterday by waking me up with extreme nausea. It continued and made it impossible for me to stand or have my eyes open for more than a minute at a time. Not so great when you are supposed to be studying. Hard.
It contined today, and I felt poorly enough to actually go and find the last pregnancy test in the bathroom cupboard. Just in case I had gotten pregnant while on contraception as one of the 0,000001 %.

But it was negative.

It feels like my body is lying to me though.

And so I have forced myself to prepare today. Because I have to. The exam is tomorrow morning, and there is no way out. It will be over quickly – and feeling sick the days just before is definitely a good way to lower your expectations. Even though mine were already quite low.

Alan aced his exam the other day. Got a 12. The highest mark. I am so proud and happy to have him being the brilliant one for now. I just want to be the one who barely makes it through. If I can do that right now, I will be fine. If i can make it to Aalborg without being sick, I will feel quite happy. I can ace something later.

Fingers crossed.


Jolina was such a cutie, giving me her unicorn to feel better. Bless.

Monday Monday Monday

I am procrastinating like crazy.

I need to read faster. Store knowledge in my head more efficiently without loss of facts. Write some gold sentences I can add to my presentation.
And so on..

But I can only sit here and think of an amazing weekend. Of cosytime, happiness and great times. Of a sweet friend, a fun night out and my cute little girls.

And how I long for more of that – and less examstress.

I cannot wait for this to be over on thursday! This will be my first exam at my new university, so I am very nervous to see if I can live up to their standards.
And if I get all the reading done I need to do..




Weekend awesomeness

January is a fast little bitch. Moving forward really quickly with all its greyness and tasks. And good stuff too. But hey, it’s not waiting for anyone. I have a feeling that it will be spring before I know. Which is not too bad at all.

So far Alan and I have both been trying to work hard on our exam presentations for next week, but not being as efficient as we would like. I have been rehearsing the new SH’BAm release for tomorrow. Sweating lots. And we have had our lovely guests over the new year come and go. Lots of family time. Lots in cosyness.

We have still managed to put our phones away when spending time with the girls, and no guilty shopping or spending so far. Yay us.
So far so good. It is only the 10th but still…

Today we have a guest coming in, the beautiful Sarah from Copenhagen who we worked with at SBS in London. So if the X-factor goes totally black screen tonight it’s because she isn’t doing the buttons for it, but sitting in our sofa in stead. I can’t wait.
Last time I saw her was in June – and it feels like ages ago. It was summer and we sat in Nyhavn in Copenhagen after an awesome Indian meal. This afternoon we will hang out again!

Good weekend y’all !



Here’s to a happy, less online and more sustainable new year!

Happy new year to all! I hope you had a good one.

As in my last post, I have been thinking a lot about sustainability, buying less crap, being more mindful and generally greener (and more smug presumably..)

Alan and I have talked a lot about it all, and it feels great that we agree on so much of it. I can already feel that I am much more relaxed, that I DON’T have to go out and see what’s on in the sales in town or online. That I know that this or that cheap shirt won’t make me happier.

And that I actually have enough shirts to last me a lifetime.

Also it has made me realize – with an enormous amount of guilt, that I have enough of everything to last me a lifetime.

That also goes for fabric.

Therefore I have decided to start sorting it, knowing what I can turn into stuff for the girls, myself, others, or the house. And I hope to make some good DIYs to put on the blog, to inspire some of you to create something as well.

So watch this space – I have lots of things on my mind, and I hope to get back into crafty blogging.

It was great to do some sorting and cutting with Jolina. It reminds me of how big she is getting, and how much fun it is to be in the creative zone together. Even though it just meant that she was practicing cutting on the scraps. One day we will hopefully be sewing and crafting together all of us. Me and my girls.



Holiday wise the girls are both off from daycare and kindergarten still, and we are enjoying spending time with them. They have both grown a lot lately, and they can say and do so much more than just last week. It’s a lot of fun and a lot of hard work.

We try to be in the moment with them, and that is one of the resolutions for this year. To go offline for as much as possible for whatever part of the day we spend with them. Gadgets, Facebook and Instagram will always be there, but the girls will grow up so quickly. Sounds like a cliche..? It is a cliche, but its still true.
I was sick of myself checking new likes and updates every five minutes. Could the internet exist without me? Alan was much better at leaving his phone and being in the moment. I was rubbish. It was an addiction to me, and what an empty one. I realized it’s fine to go online in the evening, when I have time, when the girls are not asking me important questions and wanting me to take part of their game. In the evening when I have time, I can enjoy my favorite intstagrammers and bloggers as with a good magazine, and it turns into a lovely bit of me-time. And it’s great not to feel the guilt of having to check my screen – even when playing with the girls. Sounds smug..? Well, I am, because change feels awesome. I guess the internet can exist – even though there are less postings from me.

I choose happiness. Doing things that make me happy in the long run. It’s a new thing, cause I am used to very instant rewards. And I want to hope for the best in everything. I want to worry less by doing good things.

So much change is coming in 2014. What a great year it will be.

(And let’s hope the universe does not hit me with a bus for feeling this good for once..)