Weekend awesomeness

January is a fast little bitch. Moving forward really quickly with all its greyness and tasks. And good stuff too. But hey, it’s not waiting for anyone. I have a feeling that it will be spring before I know. Which is not too bad at all.

So far Alan and I have both been trying to work hard on our exam presentations for next week, but not being as efficient as we would like. I have been rehearsing the new SH’BAm release for tomorrow. Sweating lots. And we have had our lovely guests over the new year come and go. Lots of family time. Lots in cosyness.

We have still managed to put our phones away when spending time with the girls, and no guilty shopping or spending so far. Yay us.
So far so good. It is only the 10th but still…

Today we have a guest coming in, the beautiful Sarah from Copenhagen who we worked with at SBS in London. So if the X-factor goes totally black screen tonight it’s because she isn’t doing the buttons for it, but sitting in our sofa in stead. I can’t wait.
Last time I saw her was in June – and it feels like ages ago. It was summer and we sat in Nyhavn in Copenhagen after an awesome Indian meal. This afternoon we will hang out again!

Good weekend y’all !



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