So, this is happening –


Summer is coming, and with that the 14th of July, where it will be 7 years since Alan and I met that amazing night in the not so classy London-club Ruby Blue.


So we have decided to tie the knot that day. Just low key. Townhall vows and the family who are avaible and want to come.


The following week we travel to London where we are going to have a party in a rugby club that we are fortunate enough to borrow.


And sometime later in the summer we will have a loud party and get drunk with our friends.


Its been a long process of deciding and trying to plan it out. What we would like. What we could afford. And now we have a date, and I am so happy.


It is no huge dreamy princess wedding. No grand ball. No inviting the whole Danish and English family to some luxury resort.  That will have to wait till we are rich one day. And no choice whether to have it in Denmark or England. We will simply just do both. And it will be for the girls as much as for us. Two hopefully cosy day-weddings where the kids can play and we can bathe in sun and love.


3 lovely parties in all, so we can celebrate it with as many as possible. And with each other.


There is lots and lots and lots of planning still. Dress. Food. A ring. Cake. All the things that cost but are so nice to dream about.


I am excited! Yay!



7 thoughts on “So, this is happening –

  1. Wuhuuuuaaaaaauuuuuww :-D TILLYKKE Karoline, hvor ér det bare fedt. Åhh, bliver helt rørt.
    Kærlighed er det bedste i verden, og bryllup(er) holdt lige præcis som i gerne vil have det, det er bare det bedste.

    KH Maria

  2. Hold dig endelig langt væk fra pinterest – kan ligesom fornemme, at det er der, mange af de dyre ideer opstår :)

    Glæder mig til at følge med processen fra sidelinjen – gemalen og jeg valgte et hemmeligt rådhus bryllup, så jeg elsker at følge med i andres bryllupsforberedelser :)

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