Let your windows do the talking..

As always, the magnificient Dosfamily have once again come up with sweet inspiration for my life.

Lying here, trying to get the kids to sleep, with the neighbours making lots of noise, it seemed quite funny.. In summer, with the windows open, sleeping is hard for the little girls. And even though they will soon enough be the ones out there having fun and running up and down the street shouting and singing, I just cant help sometimes cursing the outside noises/barking dogs/electric racing cars/drone helipcopters (wtf!) – and kicking tires..




On Dosfamily Isabelle posted THIS  picture of her cabin with cute dreamy eyes painted on the window curtains. I thought that was an awesome idea..



Super cute!


I wondered how that would look on our curtains..

our house 1


Then I thought it perhaps would be hard for the neighbours to understand exactly what it meant, so I tried another option –

our house 2

As in, “please be quite, we are trying to get our kids to sleep so we can be sane adults for just an hour this evening“.


Then I thought, I´d just make the message loud and clear –

our house 3


Thanks for wonderful inspiration Dosfamily!

– And no, I am not an angry wench, I just thought it was funny! I love loud noises – just not at nap-times.

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