Today is the 18th of December. The 18th of happiness I almost want to say.

Today is the day I have to hand in my exam projects which means that I am off school until my exams in January. Yes, I still have to read, revise and prepare presentations, but I am lucky. There is loads of time for that.

So to celebrate that I brought Jolina with me on the train today. We handed in the projects at uni and then left for the town of Aalborg.

It was great! So cosy. And it reminded me of how awesome she is. And how big! She is such a little grown up.

Now we are home again. Listening to Christmas music and making presents before Roxie is ready to come home from her nap at daycare. Life is good.

This morning I was reminded by this amazing woman to be grateful for all the good things. And indeed I am. And I wish I could send her all the power in the world.. She deserves a good Christmas and so much more.

Be happy out there. Take care of each other.