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Fantastisk dag! 


Ja, der kom gang i bloggen, og så glemte jeg igen alt om den. Men nu kan jeg da lige begynde igen. Med lidt nyheder. På dansk, for det fungerer bare bedst lige nu. 

Men der er nyt, og selv om det er lidt hemmeligt, fordi detaljerne ikke er på plads, så deler jeg det alligevel her. For jeg er så glad efter den mest fantastiske travle og stressende dag. 

Jeg har skudt billeder til sybog med en rigtig fotograf. Og nu skal vi se, hvor langt det hele når. Forhåbenligt hele vejen. Jeg fik i hvert fald hjælp af et fantastisk team Idag. Så taknemmelig. 

Nu vil jeg kollapse. Vi filmer videre imorgen. 


Welcome back to me to the blog again. 

Just came home after a long, good day of shooting pics for a sewing book and some other projects. It’s so exiting. And nerve racking. But I think it’s gonna be really great. Had assistance from some awesome  people. 

And now I will collapse on the sofa. We continue again tomorrow. 


Good buys from yesterday 


I got a load of great stuff yesterday at AVV. Here is some of it. 

Also this post will show how hard it is to take nice fashion shots. Man, I look like – weird. How do you take a good clothes selfie? Where does the arm go? The stupid looking hand? Can you fit your face in the shot? Can you avoid looking stupid? 

I have got to practice this some more. 

Anyway – the diamanté skating outfit or whatever it is. Totally crazy and I totally love it. Will probably wear it never ever but still cool. 

The girls fell in love with a weird bunny top and sequined boots. Roxie then got a new spring jacket and I got cute hello kitty linen for some kind of project. 

A top I looked at when it was out in H&M but never bought. Till now. 

An amazing dress to march my hair. Just need an occasion. And to remember to open my eyes. 

And some more awkward posing shots of good buys. Will practice those clothes selfies. 

All this (and more) in a 175 Kroner bag. Bargain!

Good days and dirt


It’s Easter. Holiday. Time off. Lots of expectations and possible frustrations.

But today and yesterday life has been so sweet. The girls have been amazing. We have had no plans. Just the 4 of us and time. There has been no screaming. Not in the ridicolous amount that sometimes occurs anyways. Almost sisterly bliss almost all the time.

And I have felt goddamn lucky!

There has been eastereggs and Lego on the table. Lots of playing and entertaining.

Jolina has been such a big girl helping me and wanting to take part in the tasks. We have baked, gone shopping for seeds, and she has helped me sow them in the garden.

And the garden is playing a big part in life right now.

Yesterday Alan and I went to the garden center and spent way too much money. But we spent it on things we dream about. Plums, nectarines, apples and lots of berries to pick in the summers to come. Harvesting fresh fruit and veggies just outside our door.

And my mum took the girls for a couple of hours while Alan and I worked hard digging, shoveling, planting and watering. It was an awesome two hours. Working so hard without disturbances! We were so efficient just the two of us, and we just sweated away in our little garden bubble without having to help anybody down the slide/trampoline/tree. Even though that of course also is a very nice thing to do, and normally we really enjoy watching the girls play in the garden. But being able to work nonstop was quite good too.

And that is very much what I need right now.

To take my mind off all the things I don’t want to think about, moving blackberry bushes or planting seedlings is just perfect, and the big showel is awesome. The hard dirty work of the earth is good for occupational therapy.

So I have perhaps gone crazy spending my entire student funding this month on trees and seeds. But it’s money well spent on a dream and hope of green and awesome seasons to come.


The girls were supposed to be in bed..



The nectarine tree and my view from the bench today.



And suddenly the sun was out, and the girls had taken of most of their clothes.


The little seedlings. They make me so excited.


Goodnight from the happy gardener.

Three cheers for Christmas!


This Christmas has been unreal – in a good way.

We have had a cosy December, almost too much Christmas cheer and good spirits. After handing in my exams I had so much energy for all the things I wanted to do, and some of it even happened – homemade presents, awesome cookiebaking, decorations around the house, which did make me feel supermom’ish, but the girls showed me with fits and tantrums, that perhaps it was too much. That cramming too much happiness, cheer and festivity in does not actually work. Or perhaps they just suddenly found out, that they are 2 and 4, and that the have been way too well behaved for too long, and that it was time to challenge that. So they did by kicking and screaming their way through a horrible weekend.

And then we slowed down.

Which made things better again.

Christmas Eve we had a lovely time. The day had been fine, lots of play, god christmas films, some early presents, a visit from Father Christmas, and treats in abundance. That resulted in Roxie falling asleep early in the evening, long before dancing around the tree and handing out presents, but that meant that Jolina got some alone time with the rest of us. And she handled it so well. She loved the dancing, the singing, and waited ever so nicely for the presents to go round. My big, big girl.

We were happy and proud when we took her to bed at 8.30. She was very tired but fine to go to sleep. Great!

Then we all just ate some more, talked and celebrated the evening. We did not have the mountain of presents that I remember from earlier days, but I enjoyed that it was an amount Jolina could handle, and that we did not spend the whole evening opening presents. More time to eat chocolate.

Yesterday we then had some visitors from the past, old friends lost from long time ago, and it has been so much fun. Unreal almost to imagine that it could happen. Christmas has given us the time and opportunity to catch up, laugh and drink lots of wine.

If it was not because I had such a massive hangover and have not got a cheeseburger in each hand, I would be so perfectly happy right now. But I am pretty damn close.








Recipe for Christmas goodness


Today I shared some pictures on Instagram of my baking-cookie-process, and not least the result afterwards.

One asked for the recipe, and here it is, in case anybody feels the need to bake something yummy.


300 grams of butter
150 grams of icing sugar
400 grams of flour
2 eggs
I teaspoon baking powder
2 teaspoons vanilla sugar
50 grams of finely cut almonds
50 grams of finely cut dark chocolate

Knead, knead and knead. For ages. Until its a nice textured dough.
Add more flour if needed.

Roll it out flat.

Roll out 400 grams of marcipan with some icing sugar.

Place the marcipan piece on top of the cookie dough. Roll it together.

Cut it in smaller pieces and roll it smaller. Cut it into 4 mm pieces and place on baking tray. Bake until crispy. Approx 15 mins, but will vary from oven to oven.

Let them cool for as long as you can wait.

Then eat with milk. Lots of milk.

The roll is not that visible in the cookie, but you can see it up close. And you can taste it!

– good thing I have two classes in the gym tomorrow…



The bottom cookie is a different recipe. Also good. Just if you think they look very different, that’s why.

A guest moves in


It’s December tomorrow and with two little girls I am looking forward to making the month extra cozy.

Today I have been indoors with the rest of my flu, and I have definitely made the most of it. A lazy, hazy Saturday with very little energy..

Jolina wrote a sweet letter to Father Christmas with the things she wants for Christmas. A mechanic dog and a Belle Princess. The mechanic dog she has seen on telly commercials. Those commercials that are almost more fun than the actual cartoons they are inbetween.


In the afternoon Alan took Jolina to a play and I stayed at home with Roxie. We had fun as only a mother and a two-year old can sorting socks, reading her favourite books and trying Jolinas pens (while she was away..) And she had a few grumpy fits – but still in a very cute way.



Now the stockings are up for the elf – or in Danish “Nissen” to fill with goodies or fun stuff. It feels like Christmas really will start tomorrow.


– And the door is up as well so that must mean the “Nisse” is in the house. Can’t wait to see what the girls will say to it tomorrow!




Just saw Pip´s facebookpost about the Danish aebleskiver, and I suddenly felt a craving for some as well..

Normally in Denmark it as a very christmassy treat, but hey, its only 6 more months, so I guess it would be ok to have some anyway!

Most Danes, 90 percent I would say, buy them readymade in the supermarket freezer section, but if you have time and energy to make them yourself, they are mighty good.

Here comes an old Danish recipe for them:

250 grams of flour

1/2 teaspoon salt

2 teaspoons sugar

1 teaspoon baking powder

some organic lemon zest

3 organic egg yolks

4 dl buttermilk

3 organic egg whites


mix the dry ingredients with the lemon zest

whip egg yolks and buttermilk together – and stir into the dry mix

let it rest a little bit

whip the egg whites until they are stiff and softly mix them with the rest of the batter.


An then it´s the tricky part since you need a special pan. Put the batter into the holes in the pan, about one third full. Turn the aebleskiver with a knitting needle, when they are baked on one side and keep turning until they are crispy on the outside.

Served with white powdered sugar and jam. Nutella if you are bad…

– Oh yeah, and for the old time traditional experience put small pieces of apple inside them when baking, that´s why the are called apple slices !


Enjoy 🙂



Even though it is ugly, it can still taste nice…


I love baking, I really do.

I also happen to love cake!

It is not always that it turns out pretty though, and most often my ugliest cakes taste the best. Recently I had a go at a recipe I found on pinterest, that I just had to try. Alan loves cinnamon swirls, or cinnamon snails as we call them in Denmark, and it seemed like a nice little evening project.


This was how it was supposed to look like – (Not sideways though, but wordpress will not let me correct that at the moment..)


Luckily it still tasted yummy even though it was like the cinnamon swirl´s fat, ugly sister.

Healthy homemade pancakes


Great good-for-you pankcakes – easy to make, get the recipe here!

Don´t you just want to bite into this!


What you need is:

2 ripe bananas

1 cup of ground/blended oats

1 cup of ground/blended coconut flour

1 cup of milk

3 eggs

A little bit of vanilla sugar

A handfull of blueberries


Mix it all well – can be blended for a super smooth dough.

Pour it all on to a baking tray with baking paper, Drizzle it with the blueberries and bake at 180 degrees celcious for 20 minutes.

Sprinkle with icing sugar and enjoy!