And then the eggs finally came!

We had been waiting for quite awhile, 3 weeks, and we weren’t sure if the chickens were ever going to lay some eggs for us. They were still fun to look at, but I must admit we were getting a bit impatient, eager to taste some fresh homemade eggs.

And then yesterday one of them started cackling like crazy and we were sure, something was going on. The others climbed up on their poles looking quite worried.


And sure thing, after half an hour the noise stopped and Alan checked the nestbox. There it was, our first little egg.


Today I went out to look and found these two little ones.


Now I am excited to see if there will be three tomorrow.

The chickens are finally here!

Today has been a great day.

It’s the day before Alan’s birthday, so we had a lovely cake. Awesome! And he even had some of it, the soon to be birthday boy who has been so healthy for soo long. He could not resist the icing I guess.


But we also had the pleasure of putting 4 chickens in our henhouse. They seemed a bit confused, but I hope they will learn their way around soon.

I can’t wait for fresh eggs every day! Oh how much fun it will be. Thanks to Alan and my stepdad for building it. And welcome chickens, we hope you will enjoy it here.




Oh yes, and their names are; Kaj, Emma, Charlie and Filippa after some of Jolinas favorite people and animals.