Så er der snart en bog på vej

I snart flere år har jeg arbejdet på en sybog “Smart i en fart”. Og det har været en drøm i endnu længere tid. Tænk at udgive en bog – og så endda en med kreativt indhold.
Jeg var så heldig at forlaget Muusmann tog imod ideen og nu til april bliver den udgivet. En helt rigtig bog!
Bogen er til dem, der gerne vil igang med at sy, men som ikke helt har mod på det med mønstre, eller som bare gerne vil have noget hurtigt fra hånden. Resultater fra sybordet med det samme! En moderne udgave af de hippie-halvfjerdserbøger, som jeg selv lærte at sy efter. Tænk Elsebeth Gynther, bare i en lidt mindre kassebuksagtig version med smarte og feminine styles
Jeg arbejder ud fra “undertrøjeprincippet”, hvor man ved at markere op på en lang undertrøje kan klippe direkte – uden at bruge en masse tid på mønstre og mål.
Det har fungeret for mig, og jeg håber, det kan give nogle flere blod på tanden og lyst til at sy.
Hvis du har lyst til at forudbestille bøgen, så kan du købe den på muusmann’forlags hjemmeside.
Ved at bruge kuponkoden: karoline får du 20% + fri fragt i Danmark.
Jeg er så vældig stolt og glad.
Bogen er fotograferet af den dygtige og super flinke Anders Graverholt. Han har givet bogen nogle meget smukke billeder.
De dygtige modeller er nogle smukke piger, jeg er så heldig at kende.
Her er lidt fotos fra selve dagene, hvor vi fotograferede (på den fysioterapiklinik min mor og stedfar arbejder på). Det var den sjoveste – og vildeste weekend. Jeg håber, jeg får lov til at gøre det igen engang.
I am publishing a sewing book now very soon in April. Its been a dream for years and years, and I can hardly believe its happening.
The book is for those who want to sew and create quickly and without the use of patterns.
I am just so super happy and proud.

Drawing naked people

Last night I went to a croquis event at the local culture house.  

It was the first time in ages that I have drawn a model. I used to do it a lot. I also used to model for it myself, and golly it was great for body feelings to stand naked in front of a crowd with notepads. I can totally recommend it. 

Last night was fun. And hard. But I was reminded how much I love to draw ladies. They are awesome. Curves and edges all lovely. And I want to come again next time, unless we are drawing men. I am appearantly not comfortable looking at strange penises. Is it wrong to feel like that..? That men are not as fun to draw as women? Probably. 

Unless it’s Alan. 

I would really like to draw him! But I could kind of do that anytime, so it might be weird to bring him to a crowd of people to do it. It would be sharing the beauty though. Which is a good thing. 

New Nikon

I was so lucky to get a Nikon D3300 as a present when I finished my masters a year ago. I have not used it a lot (iPhone glued to my hand instead) but today my Hungarian friend Rita asked me for some photos. 

It was so much fun and I think she looks gorgeous and ever so cool in these shots. 

Thanks Rita, for letting me post them here. 

Pots and greenery for spring

In December Jolina and I had a really cosy day where we painted on porcelain. It was mostly for some Christmas gifts, but I also made some Little pots for plants.

They have not been put to use before today, but as I was out groceryshopping I saw some nice little plants. I know nothing about botanics, so I just hope they won´t die too soon. Please stay green till spring comes.

– And no, I was not very original when drawing- a cute cat and a sleeping cloud, that was how far I went that day.. But I still like the motives, cute is always cute in my book.




Teddys for a good cause

I have been off from school and spending my time in the best possible way. With the girls – and with my sewing machine and fabrics. That is just the best me-time I can get. I have been making stuff for fun, but also a project that I wanted to participate in.

There is a huge national collection underway, to collect money to help children who are without mothers. It is a great cause to support, and a Danish craft magazine have made DIYs to homemade teddys, that can be donated to help the kiddies and help raise money. I have managed to make 4 little friends to send off later today.

I like doing things like these, even though it is just a little something, it still feels nice to be a part of something bigger. To show that perhaps if we all give a small contribution it will hopefully make a difference.

– And it is a good cause to support. I have no idea how hard it is to grow up without a mother, but my whole childhood it was the thing I feared the most. To loose my mum. Now being a mother myself, I cannot bear to think the hought of leaving my little girls. It easily turns into a horrible nightmare in my mind.

My sweet grandmother lost her mother when she was very young. And to make the story even worse, she got a stepmother that she really loved, who died soon after as well. Both gone to the dreaded psittacosis (parrot disease) that was quite dangerous on the Faroe Islands where my grandmother grew up in the 1920s. Sad, sad story, and even though my great-grandfather did all he could to be the best possible father ever, I am sure my grandmother always missed her mum terribly.
151 million kids are without a parent – or both of them! For many of them that makes life so much more dangerous. They could use help.
It is horrible that the amount of kids in need is so huge, and sad that we cannot save all of them, but I am happy to show my support. I hope lots of money will be raised to help kids missing their mothers.




Here’s to a happy, less online and more sustainable new year!

Happy new year to all! I hope you had a good one.

As in my last post, I have been thinking a lot about sustainability, buying less crap, being more mindful and generally greener (and more smug presumably..)

Alan and I have talked a lot about it all, and it feels great that we agree on so much of it. I can already feel that I am much more relaxed, that I DON’T have to go out and see what’s on in the sales in town or online. That I know that this or that cheap shirt won’t make me happier.

And that I actually have enough shirts to last me a lifetime.

Also it has made me realize – with an enormous amount of guilt, that I have enough of everything to last me a lifetime.

That also goes for fabric.

Therefore I have decided to start sorting it, knowing what I can turn into stuff for the girls, myself, others, or the house. And I hope to make some good DIYs to put on the blog, to inspire some of you to create something as well.

So watch this space – I have lots of things on my mind, and I hope to get back into crafty blogging.

It was great to do some sorting and cutting with Jolina. It reminds me of how big she is getting, and how much fun it is to be in the creative zone together. Even though it just meant that she was practicing cutting on the scraps. One day we will hopefully be sewing and crafting together all of us. Me and my girls.



Holiday wise the girls are both off from daycare and kindergarten still, and we are enjoying spending time with them. They have both grown a lot lately, and they can say and do so much more than just last week. It’s a lot of fun and a lot of hard work.

We try to be in the moment with them, and that is one of the resolutions for this year. To go offline for as much as possible for whatever part of the day we spend with them. Gadgets, Facebook and Instagram will always be there, but the girls will grow up so quickly. Sounds like a cliche..? It is a cliche, but its still true.
I was sick of myself checking new likes and updates every five minutes. Could the internet exist without me? Alan was much better at leaving his phone and being in the moment. I was rubbish. It was an addiction to me, and what an empty one. I realized it’s fine to go online in the evening, when I have time, when the girls are not asking me important questions and wanting me to take part of their game. In the evening when I have time, I can enjoy my favorite intstagrammers and bloggers as with a good magazine, and it turns into a lovely bit of me-time. And it’s great not to feel the guilt of having to check my screen – even when playing with the girls. Sounds smug..? Well, I am, because change feels awesome. I guess the internet can exist – even though there are less postings from me.

I choose happiness. Doing things that make me happy in the long run. It’s a new thing, cause I am used to very instant rewards. And I want to hope for the best in everything. I want to worry less by doing good things.

So much change is coming in 2014. What a great year it will be.

(And let’s hope the universe does not hit me with a bus for feeling this good for once..)

The coolest colouring book ever!

Over on one of my favourite inspirational blogs, Dos Family, Jenny and her husband have made a truly awesome project. The have turned Jenny’s cool photographs into a colouring book! It is amazing. Read about it and order it here. I have given myself – or the whole family I know it will be, one for Christmas. And I can’t wait to colour something else than pink Disney princesses!






Painting on porcelain

Jolina and I had a really cozy day earlier this week. We did some porcelain-painting on pots, candleholders, little milk jugs and plates. Fun to do for a 4-year-old, and definitely also lots of fun for me.

After an hour in the oven the colors are made dishwashersafe – and then they should be ready to go as Christmas pressies.

Love doing stuff like this with Jolina!





A project close to my heart

I am spending the free hours in these last days before uni starts again drawing.

I have a secret project. A special story that I want to tell.

And the people in it are now suddenly coming to life on the white pages through my pencils.

I can’t wait to take them digital and really have some fun.

But for now it is great just using my hands again, creatimg my main characters and figuring out what they are going to look like. I have not been drawing for ages, and once it was something I couldn’t live without.

I want it to be part of my life again. And for now it is.




Spaceman dress

Yes, I have been crafty today. And I loved it!

The nursery and kindergarten was open today, holiday is not before Monday, and the kids were happy to go there, so I was happy stay at home alone and have fun with my sewing machine.

Ah, such good times we had.

I cut the fabric quite quickly from an old dress since I am not one for patterns, and I just made adjustments along the way. It’s not perfect but good enough for me. Great actually. I am so happy.

The spaceman fabric is from my trio to Gothenburg last year, from the amazing thriftshop Myrorna. I was ecstatic when I found it. The striped fabric is from a thriftshop in my local area and very retro.

Making stuff is something I need once in a while. It’s my kick. And today was just a super boost.