Let your windows do the talking..

As always, the magnificient Dosfamily have once again come up with sweet inspiration for my life.

Lying here, trying to get the kids to sleep, with the neighbours making lots of noise, it seemed quite funny.. In summer, with the windows open, sleeping is hard for the little girls. And even though they will soon enough be the ones out there having fun and running up and down the street shouting and singing, I just cant help sometimes cursing the outside noises/barking dogs/electric racing cars/drone helipcopters (wtf!) – and kicking tires..




On Dosfamily Isabelle posted THIS  picture of her cabin with cute dreamy eyes painted on the window curtains. I thought that was an awesome idea..



Super cute!


I wondered how that would look on our curtains..

our house 1


Then I thought it perhaps would be hard for the neighbours to understand exactly what it meant, so I tried another option –

our house 2

As in, “please be quite, we are trying to get our kids to sleep so we can be sane adults for just an hour this evening“.


Then I thought, I´d just make the message loud and clear –

our house 3


Thanks for wonderful inspiration Dosfamily!

– And no, I am not an angry wench, I just thought it was funny! I love loud noises – just not at nap-times.

Winter wonderland

It’s Sunday.

I have been celebrating since Thursday where I passed the exam with a good result, and I feel blessed knowing that there is an unknown number of days till the next semester starts. No more morning – or afternoon sickness since then. Just some time to relax.

The weather has been crazy. So much snow, and we are doing lots of pretending that we actually live in a ski-cabin in Norway. Not the worst thing to pretend in this beautiful landscape. Jolina has learned about different foodgroups in the kindergarten, and when I asked her about chocolate, she said it was the perfect food to bring when you go skiing. Quite right.
One day we hope to go skiing again. With the girls. And lots of treats in our pockets. Today we pretended, so we had some little goodies to hand out in between playing in the snow.


Today I also went out on my own to the local museum. They have a 60’s exhibition and I saw a scarf – and found out my greatnanny made it! A sweet story that I did not know about.



After the storm

So the storm raged on last night for quite a while. The entire night actually. And at a certain point I could not sleep anymore.

It felt like the wind had taken hold of our house, and everytime a heard a large noise, I was sure it was our huge trampoline in the garden being smashed into houses and cars down the road. I could feel the pain from embarrassment and insurance claims already.

( – just pointing out that this is not our trampoline – or house, but that was how it looked in my mind after watching too many trampolines fly hazardously away in the storm on the news.)

And that is not a great picture to be stuck with from 1 to 4 am.

For a few hours I could not find rest at all, even though I tried to calm myself thinking that it had already held against the worst part of the storm. As well as the last storm we had. And that it was properly secured by the massive trunks Alan had put under its construction when we first got it.

It’s just that silly way, when a thought gets into your mind and simply won’t leave. Very annoying.

I was thinking whether I could run out into the garden and secure it extra with some rope, but not really knowing if we had any rope it never went any further… And I was seriously afraid of being out there anyways. It was scary enough to be inside the house..

In the morning luckily all was well. And I did manage to sleep for a few hours.

Now it’s just really windy and I took Roxie for a trip to the library to not listen to the creaks and noise of our house. The worst bit is over. Now there’s hopefully just a calm and safe weekend to look forward to.


New daybed/cosycorner

I like to change things around in the house. Maybe it’s what I come from; my mum painting the rooms at home a new turquoise color or moving furniture around, whenever she could get to it, or maybe it’s just restlessness, or perhaps procrastinating when I actually ought to do something more useful. Like writing a project for school perhaps.

Last Friday Jolina was ill, and had to stay home from kindergarten. She was not that ill, it seemed to be just a quick bug, but I did not want to bring her into kindergarten, in case it would come back.
I had my exam to write, and Alan needed some things done too, but we decided to skip most of that, and work on one of my house-ideas while spending time with Jolina.

Good call.

And quite lucky we had to keep her at home. If not, we would never have gotten this done.

When we moved into the house four years ago, I built this daybed out of some wood and two ikea Stolmen drawers. It has been perfect as a little cosy corner, an extra bed, and also for storage. Oh yes, and when I say I built it, it’s almost true. I made the planning and hammered in the nails. Only got my cousin to help me with the big saw. So quite proud of myself there..


It’s been great, but I wanted to change it a bit. I thought it would be smart to move it further out in the room by adding a corner, and then make a long, narrow desk there as well, for homework and creativeness with the girls. Oh and mess of course. Who am I kidding. We have lots of mess. Piles of books, magazines, papers. Some of the papers probably important, if I could find them.

The aim was to use wood we already had in the garage and still use the two drawers that are just awesome.

So I made this new plan.


And since Alan was home, he got to help with the blocks of wood that needed sawing. And making sure they were drilled in place. But a lady knowing her drill and her saw could do it too. Just sayin. Feminism and all.

Jolina just helped with some measuring and overall cuteness. She had fun. Helping her daddy with the tools is one of her favorite things.



The depth is 68 cm, still enough to sit and lie comfortably, but not as deep as the 90 cm it was before. So I had to cut some of the mattress as well, but it worked out ok.


Now, with a new matresscover (with the longest zip ever, to make it easier to squeeze it in) it’s very nice. Still comfortable. Still cosy. I still love it.


Easy peasy – get building!

Wonderfull walls!

Our walls in the house are white.

It is not easy to see, as there is so much stuff on them.

But I love all the paintings, the drawings, pictures, the hama beads that Jolina makes, because it reminds me of only good things. Memories and tummy-warming-feelings.

IMG_4679 IMG_4680

Most of the frames are from IKEA – and some are just old. Some of the pictures are properly printed photos, but others are just made on the copier at uni. I just ment to make them as a test, and then I forgot to order proper prints.. Well, it still looks good.  And I love it!

I played around with the pictures in photoshop, tweaked some colours, added some fun, and now I just get so happy whenever I look at them.

– Oh yeah, and that is chocolate around Jolina´s mouth. Of course.

2 hvid 30 40 - Copy 2 sort 30 30 3 hvid 30 40 - Copy antik 19027

The chickens are finally here!

Today has been a great day.

It’s the day before Alan’s birthday, so we had a lovely cake. Awesome! And he even had some of it, the soon to be birthday boy who has been so healthy for soo long. He could not resist the icing I guess.


But we also had the pleasure of putting 4 chickens in our henhouse. They seemed a bit confused, but I hope they will learn their way around soon.

I can’t wait for fresh eggs every day! Oh how much fun it will be. Thanks to Alan and my stepdad for building it. And welcome chickens, we hope you will enjoy it here.




Oh yes, and their names are; Kaj, Emma, Charlie and Filippa after some of Jolinas favorite people and animals.

Our house

I have just been in touch with the IKEA LIVE Family magazine, and they are perhaps, perhaps, perhaps going show our house in the fall edition of the magazine. That could be so great! I love everything Swedish, everything IKEA, and to have our home on IKEA-paper could be amazing. But nothing is certain yet, so I better not get my hopes up. Hard not to, though..

I sent them these pictures I have taken at times when our home was not at its messiest state, but with two little girls (and me) around, it most often is.

As you can maybe see, there is quite a lot of IKEA in our home – and also a lot we have changed to make new furniture solutions. I really like it, and even though our house is so messy, it is my favourite place of all.

IMG_7107 IMG_7108 IMG_7109 IMG_7115 IMG_7118 IMG_7119 IMG_7121 IMG_7122 IMG_7123 IMG_7124