Drawing naked people

Last night I went to a croquis event at the local culture house.  

It was the first time in ages that I have drawn a model. I used to do it a lot. I also used to model for it myself, and golly it was great for body feelings to stand naked in front of a crowd with notepads. I can totally recommend it. 

Last night was fun. And hard. But I was reminded how much I love to draw ladies. They are awesome. Curves and edges all lovely. And I want to come again next time, unless we are drawing men. I am appearantly not comfortable looking at strange penises. Is it wrong to feel like that..? That men are not as fun to draw as women? Probably. 

Unless it’s Alan. 

I would really like to draw him! But I could kind of do that anytime, so it might be weird to bring him to a crowd of people to do it. It would be sharing the beauty though. Which is a good thing. 

A project close to my heart

I am spending the free hours in these last days before uni starts again drawing.

I have a secret project. A special story that I want to tell.

And the people in it are now suddenly coming to life on the white pages through my pencils.

I can’t wait to take them digital and really have some fun.

But for now it is great just using my hands again, creatimg my main characters and figuring out what they are going to look like. I have not been drawing for ages, and once it was something I couldn’t live without.

I want it to be part of my life again. And for now it is.