Cool prints

I have mentioned it before a long time ago, but I really like Jenny over on She sells very cool prints with her husband. 

For a long time we have had both ‘Carl’ and ‘Girl with badger’ hanging on our walls from their shop.

For Christmas I gave my brother this print (borrowed from Jennys page) with Darth Maul and some dandelions. My brother is a big Star Wars fan, so I thought it was awesome.  He lives in Greenland, so I don’t know if he has it on his wall, but I will go visit him and check soon!

For our walls I got new ones too. One for each of the girls room and one that I can look at every time I check myself in the mirror in the morning. 

The prints are so cool I think, and the girls also immediately fell for theirs. They saw the story in them, which made me very happy. 
Now I can’t wait to go and see if Darth maul is hanging on my brothers wall. 

(And this post is not sponsored. I just bought the prints, cause I like them.)

New Nikon

I was so lucky to get a Nikon D3300 as a present when I finished my masters a year ago. I have not used it a lot (iPhone glued to my hand instead) but today my Hungarian friend Rita asked me for some photos. 

It was so much fun and I think she looks gorgeous and ever so cool in these shots. 

Thanks Rita, for letting me post them here. 

The cute sisters

I was  browsing through the photographs from new years from my father in law on the laptop. Procratinating while actually doing something else of course. For some reason they have just been forgotten there until now. And what a nice surprise they were. So many great shots of my happy girls.

I just want to share them with you – and thank the photographer!

And just wonder – there ´s one blonde and blue-eyed, and one dark and brown-eyed. I am sure the next (just hypothetical) one would have to be a ginger boy!

IMG_9193 IMG_9276 IMG_9437 IMG_9546 IMG_9609 IMG_9627


It’s been a while. But here I am again.

And now it’s summer holiday time! Yay for that!

Tomorrow we have 4 weeks off with the girls and we will spend the time in our local area but also visiting the lovely family in London. Can’t wait!

Since I last wrote I had my birthday. The best party ever with some of my favorite ladies. It was fun. We had Baileys chocolate mousse. We danced. Laughed so hard. And I didn’t get to bed until five in the morning.


We also had a visit from Alan’s cousin and we took him to our local not so sunny beach. Both the guys were amazing and went in the freezing water. I myself am hoping for better temperatures when we are going to the beach next week..


Now we just got back from a trip to Copenhagen visiting some of my family. A great long weekend. And reunions are always wonderful.




Wonderfull walls!

Our walls in the house are white.

It is not easy to see, as there is so much stuff on them.

But I love all the paintings, the drawings, pictures, the hama beads that Jolina makes, because it reminds me of only good things. Memories and tummy-warming-feelings.

IMG_4679 IMG_4680

Most of the frames are from IKEA – and some are just old. Some of the pictures are properly printed photos, but others are just made on the copier at uni. I just ment to make them as a test, and then I forgot to order proper prints.. Well, it still looks good.  And I love it!

I played around with the pictures in photoshop, tweaked some colours, added some fun, and now I just get so happy whenever I look at them.

– Oh yeah, and that is chocolate around Jolina´s mouth. Of course.

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