Brugt Belleville Lego til jul

Gaver og bæredygtighed er ikke altid lige foreneligt. Jeg elsker at give gaver. Jeg elsker at give mine piger gaver. Men jeg er også mangen en gang blevet ramt af den hårde forbrugerlede, når fødselsdage eller jul er overstået, og der ligger bunker af plastik – både i gave og i emballagebunken.

Jeg har i mange år forsøgt at skrue ned, så det er færre gaver, fordi det har været så ekstremt. Og det er jo bare fordi, de er heldige med en stor og gavmild familie, men jeg synes stadig, det bliver for meget, og det giver mig en dårllig samvittighedsfornemmelse overfor resten af verden – men også overfor dem, fordi jeg ikke vil lære oplære dem i megaforbrug, når vi er ved at slå vores planet ihjel.

Derfor forsøger vi stadig at bede om færre gaver, hellere penge på kontoen eller noget velgørende end bare at købe mere, fordi det skal passe til et eller andet beløb. Og så prøver vi selv at købe genbrug. Det er ikke nemt at bede andre om, for det kræver noget andet end at gå i bilka, men hvis man kan lide at gå på jagt efter genbrugsguld er det bare i orden.

Jeg har været så vildt heldig at finde noget brugt Belleville LEGO på facebook marketplace (som jeg først lige har opdaget), og det bliver den fedeste delegave til dem. De leger godt sammen, de kan begge lide LEGO, og det er ikke til at dele i to pakker, så det bliver altså en fællesgave.

For 200 kroner guld.

Til begge deres fødselsdage her i efteråret har jeg fundet brugt Polly Pocket og Littlest Petshop. Det er plastikcrap, som jeg helst ikke vil købe nyt eller til fuld pris, men pigerne vil så gerne have det. Så kompromiset bliver, at de får det brugt. Det betyder også, at de jo faktisk for en hel del, for det er tit nogle store pakker, der bliver solgt på en gang, så jeg kan stadig godt tænke, at det godt nok er meget junk at losse ind på deres værelser. Men de leger så meget med det. Og bras eller ej, jeg ville nok også have elsket det i den alder.

Thrift me happy!

Truth, I love shopping, but it does make me feel guilty for the ressources and money spent. I can only buy things that are reduced in price, since I have been a student since forever, and the feeling of being short on cash feels quite close. 

This past year I have had a steady job with a real paycheck and it feels amazing but I still don’t like spending. Also, my job now revolves around all the waste accumulated in our world, and it does make me sick to my stomach to think about all the stuff we buy, that we don’t really need. 

Cause really what do we need? Most of it is just fun, tat and surplus. 

I still like buying things. And let’s face it, most of the stuff I buy I don’t really need either, but it helps to know that I buy it secondhand. So that’s become my new routine. 

We have an awesome thrift place here in my town, Hjørring, with both furniture, knick knack and clothes. I go here once a month normally. I can get new plates for 5 kroner each, used books, retro stationary sets (boy, I will post about that some other time…) or fill a big bag of clothes for 100 kroner – or a huge sack for 175. For a life that is very non-minimalistic it fits in fine. 
It’s the thrill of the hunt that I like. Not knowing what I will find. Sometimes I am on the lookout for something special, but mostly its just a fun trip to see what crazy finds there are. I get stuff for my mum, for the girls, and I take it all home to wash it. Sometimes it goes back to the thrift shop if I misjudged the fit, so it just continues the cycle of reuse. 

It’s a nice way to get my shopping needs satisfied, and it makes it so much harder to buy normal new stuff – cause when you can get a sack of clothes for a cheap then shopping with ordinary prices just seems crazy. So it saves money in a lot of ways.

It’s puzzling the things that get thrown out, and I don’t think it’s a good sign for our planet, but that’s a completely different story…

I love that the girls like to come with me, and I hope that they will continue to be ok with getting new things like this. It’s hard to imagine that they might soon ask for expensive new things. I just hope they will also enjoy this kind of hunting for fun things and good bargains. 

Roll on 2014

Suddenly it´s February.  How on earth did that happen?!

The house is quiet now. The last bunch of guests have left, the girls are sleeping, and it´s grownup-time, with books and digital media. We are really trying hard with the books now. We both want to read more. Serious stuff. Not just about Disney princesses or Totte and Lotte taking a bath. So we are working on that, along with leaving our gadgets alone.

But I also wanted to write a bit about how it is going with my #YOEF-pledge. I just know you are super exited to hear about that.. The spoiler for this is that I will sound estremely smug and selfrightious, but I am happy with it, so please just allow me to be.

First of all I have read great and inspiring stuff from Fellow bloggers, specifically this one was interesting, and it made me all the more up for quitting my unhealthy shopping habit. And so far January has been fine. It has been a great relief to simply know, that I do not need to spend hours browsing Asos, H&M, Sportsdirect or the like for bargains online in the evenings. And going out physichally has been even better. There is no need to look in shops anymore, where I before would spend ages in the cheap sections, just to see what I could find for 7 Pounds. There is plenty of that already in my wardrobe. I have worked in fashion and lived in London where highstreetshopping was my favourite weekend-activity, so to my advantage I am not out of clothes yet. I still have stuff to choose from in the mornings.

I do wish for some things. Like the perfect pair of short black boots with the perfect heel. But I am unsure they exist, so I will wait until they present themselves to me, and then I will figure out if I really cannot live without them. Material things suddenly feel much less important.

– I have shopped though, I have not been a saint. I got a pair of spring boots for Jolina, and with the amount of glitter and flashing lights they have, they do make me feel quite horrible for the sweatshopworker making them, but I cannot make boots myself, and I could not argue (rookie-mistake) with a 4-yearold who really really wanted them. Not yet. But hopefully one day, she can be part of making better choices too.

And then I got a secondhand jumper for Roxie. It had firetrucks on it, and looked well-used, so it appealed to the smug, pink-glitter-hating, retro-loving person that I am.

You know what – It feels goood. I never knew it could feel this good not to shop. But I just feel so relaxed, because I don´t have to search for all the stuff we don´t need or even want that much. Stuff that makes me feel good for such a short time only. Stuff that reminds me of all the excess we already have.

Instead there is this feeling growing inside me, that the better I feel about myself, the more I will love what I already have. If I feel good about myself and body, I won´t need to find the perfect dress to flatter it. Feeling good, I can wear whatever already is available in my full drawers and shelves of stuff.

– But what about materialism, new stuff, the kick from doing a good deal, finding something pretty, holding something that will now belong to you..? It is still there, but on a different level. Finding the used jumper for Roxie gave me  that feeling. And making stuff myself does it too. Seeing things and being inspired to change stuff and not just buy new.

I fixed some old blouses and bits of material into dresses for the girls, and that felt awesome. It felt even better when they actually wanted to wear them, since that was not guaranteed, haha.

So I am not worried at all about this year. I am looking forward to it, and I am sure it will be life(style)changing. Money and time saved already. And not an unhappy person because I haven´t been out searching for – and finding the perfect black boots. Maybe even happier without them.


Stay tuned for the NeXT chapter in the story of how I turn the family completely organic, move into a shed in the woods – without wifi, buy a goat, ONLY travel by bicycle, and never ever shave my armpits again.



With the new year coming up it is time for resolutions. And I want to try to do something that matters to me, something that I have thought about doing for a long time (and tried to before, with more or less success if honest).

I have been inspired to do it before by the Danish blogger Ida,
She has some great thoughts about not buying clothes, and writes about it very cleverly – in Danish. One sentence I have tried to translate though, since I think it says it perfectly (sorry if the translations is not brilliant) “To fall in love with a piece of clothing is like falling for a person. Volatile and something that is in that exact moment. A fysical representation of a dream of something that could be.”
And I feel that way too. Buying clothes for me is very much having that dream of another version of myself, somebody that looks better, is cooler, has a nicer behind – you probably know what I mean..

Now another great blogger, Pip Lincolne has given me an idea about what to do.

She writes about #YOEF – A Year Of Ethical Fashion.

The pledge sounds like this:
If I’m looking for things to wear I will only:

a) Buy from ethical makers or
b) Buy second-hand or
c) Make it myself or
d) Wear things I already own or
e) Borrow or swap garments with friends

– And that sounds right to me. I have a wardrobe full of stuff, I love to shop second hand, I miss making stuff for myself, and I would like to swap with friends.

So this is something I want to do. Really, really, really want to do. And then lets not talk about the fact that I just ordered two grey shirts from h&m last week. Shirts that are very similar to shirts I already have. And lets not talk at all about the fact that I spent a long time last night looking through the sale racks on asos. Clothes-sale-shopping is an addiction to me, just like sugar, and it is going to be hard to kick it. But I am going to give it a try. (Then we will see it come to its test whenever we go to London next time and I want to hit the high-streets..)

But the thing is, that I do not need any more stuff, and the fashion-industry with all its sweatshops, badly secured factories and tonse of waste, is something I do not want to support. And I am going to try and think of that, when wanting clothes I do not need. I wish I knew which companies are ethical makers and actually treat their workers and the environment right, but that is a jungle I cant see through.

So I will just try to not buy more new clothes to fill this planet, and I will try to do other things than shop, when I want to look good or feel better about myself.


The coolest colouring book ever!

Over on one of my favourite inspirational blogs, Dos Family, Jenny and her husband have made a truly awesome project. The have turned Jenny’s cool photographs into a colouring book! It is amazing. Read about it and order it here. I have given myself – or the whole family I know it will be, one for Christmas. And I can’t wait to colour something else than pink Disney princesses!






The perfect x-mas jumper

Well, the winter-virus-bug now has come to me. So the last 30 hours I have spent pretty much lying down.

It is possible to look a little bit on the internet though. Just a bit. The eyes get tired quickly.

And if I hadn’t tried to impose a shopping ban regarding clothes and shoes for myself (and if shipping to Denmark wasn’t 12 pounds!) then I would order this to wear all of December. It’s cool. It’s Christmassy. It’s from one of the best Christmas-films, Home Alone, and I just think its so funny.

Merry Christmas you filthy animal!

Yes, it’s silly, but Christmas jumpers are supposed to be I guess. This is just also quite rude. Which I like. Also only 50% acrylic, which is better than 100% anyway.