It’s Easter. Holiday. Time off. Lots of expectations and possible frustrations.

But today and yesterday life has been so sweet. The girls have been amazing. We have had no plans. Just the 4 of us and time. There has been no screaming. Not in the ridicolous amount that sometimes occurs anyways. Almost sisterly bliss almost all the time.

And I have felt goddamn lucky!

There has been eastereggs and Lego on the table. Lots of playing and entertaining.

Jolina has been such a big girl helping me and wanting to take part in the tasks. We have baked, gone shopping for seeds, and she has helped me sow them in the garden.

And the garden is playing a big part in life right now.

Yesterday Alan and I went to the garden center and spent way too much money. But we spent it on things we dream about. Plums, nectarines, apples and lots of berries to pick in the summers to come. Harvesting fresh fruit and veggies just outside our door.

And my mum took the girls for a couple of hours while Alan and I worked hard digging, shoveling, planting and watering. It was an awesome two hours. Working so hard without disturbances! We were so efficient just the two of us, and we just sweated away in our little garden bubble without having to help anybody down the slide/trampoline/tree. Even though that of course also is a very nice thing to do, and normally we really enjoy watching the girls play in the garden. But being able to work nonstop was quite good too.

And that is very much what I need right now.

To take my mind off all the things I don’t want to think about, moving blackberry bushes or planting seedlings is just perfect, and the big showel is awesome. The hard dirty work of the earth is good for occupational therapy.

So I have perhaps gone crazy spending my entire student funding this month on trees and seeds. But it’s money well spent on a dream and hope of green and awesome seasons to come.


The girls were supposed to be in bed..



The nectarine tree and my view from the bench today.



And suddenly the sun was out, and the girls had taken of most of their clothes.


The little seedlings. They make me so excited.


Goodnight from the happy gardener.