My name is Karoline. I am a Skandimama.

I am a middle 30´s mother, once-upon-a-time-blogger, crafter, municipal waste-planner, and a hopeless romantic.

I am the wife of a true London-boy, while I am a Dane with a little bit of Faroese and Swedish blood rolling in my veins. A true nordic. 

After detours to London and Vancouver, I now live in in a small town in Denmark, and I am loving it. The rainy and windy seasons make it perfect for staying indoors and creating all the stuff I love, feeding and caring for my family, and just general cosy time. I am happy you came to have a look at what I do, and if you have any questions  to ask, please do not hesitate, email me at skandimama@gmail.com. 


I like keeping busy. Oh, and I also like to relax.

If you happen to brush through the old archives you might find sad posts about cancer. In 2014 I was ill, but luckily all turned out well. Now working full time I hardly have time to worry about that anymore, but it was quite a scare. It really sucked. Now I am just more sure than ever that life is something I do not want to miss out on.