#makenine part 4 of 5

This challenge  has definitely also come with its obstacles. It is now time for my dress from Gerties sews jiffy dresses.

I love the vintage and pinup-style, and I sometimes dream of only wearing feminine stuff like that, but I often choose something else, just because ..

Fitted and tight clothes are not as comfy as yoga trousers.

But I love the style, and I want to make more of that stuff, so that’s why I was looking forward to this book by Gertie. It is a way to make styles in this fashion but in a simpler, jiffyer (is that a real word..?) way.

Not as easy as it looked for a girl who likes to cut corners.


Making the dress – and failing

The boatneck dress I chose needs a lot of fabric for the skirt, and I did not have enough in my stasch, so that’s why I went for the two different print patterns on top and bottom. It was some very cool vintage fabric from my nan´s old sewing stash. She does not sew anymore, she has unfortunately forgotten how to use her sewing machine, so I am glad that I can bring her fabric to life.

It gives it a special look, not matching properly, but it was out of necessity, and I think it looks pretty cool. – I have to say that, but I mean it, haha.

I had not measured myself right (I will learn from this mistake now), so the top did not fit at all. I made some corrections, ad in stead of the center darts it turned into center seams from the neck opening to the waist. But when that got done, it was great. I am sure  Gertie herself probably won´t recognize the pattern, if she saw how I botched it up.

I will look for more thrifted fabric and make some more, now that I (perhaps) know how to fit them properly, and will take the time to figure out what size I actually am…

Still cute though 🙂 And will be fun for Summer.