Just wanted to say a little hello. So hello then.

It’s Friday and another crazy week is turning into a hopefully awesome weekend.

This week has given us builders, dust, moldy particles and that kind of stuff in the house. But hopefully also a partly new floor very very soon. Thank God for quick builders. They make a lot of noise, play the music so loud that the old lady inside me wants to kill their radio, but they do work. Which means we have a floor to put the Christmas tree on.

I have been reading up for my project and in a moment – as soon as I am done writing this, I will start writing something. Clever shit I hope. And not too long since there actually is quite a small maximum on the words. Which is always hard. Hate those limitations.

We have also been crafty. There is nothing better than homemade presents. Or that’s what I like to think anyways. And it’s so cozy making them. I know it will be no surprise now to some of the receivers, but they will arrive soon for you, so it’s just a little teaser…

Jolina went to kindergarten today in her red dress. They are having their Christmas party and were allowed to dress up. She really wanted to wear her tinkerbell outfit, but apparently that wasn’t ok. Costumes were not allowed, why I do not know. Just know that I think it’s stupid. Sometimes little girls should be allowed to wear their frilly silly stuff. Or be batman, whatever they like.

Tonight it’s my turn. I have a Christmas party and even though I don’t have a tinkerbell dress to wear I am still really excited. Have not decided on outfit or shoes. But I can’t wait ! Oh, and my contribution to the party is 1,8 kg of sweets. We all bring something and this was what I should supply. So I bought it this morning right after my SH-Bam-class. Guess the girl in the line thought I was going home to have a binge-party…

I will try not to eat it all before tonight.