I am so behind.

And it is totally my own fault. For choosing to have kids. Kids that come with snot, upset tummies and mommy-clingyness. And not at least kids that are so great, cool, wonderful and fun, that I would so much rather spend time with them than study.

So it’s all on me that I am now sitting with two exams that need to be handed in on the 18th and not a lot done on them.

But there is still time. I can work nights on this. I can read a thousand words per minute. I can do it. I can write speedy as the wind.

I hope.

Because tomorrow I have agreed to go with Jolina and her kindergarten to church. And today I am picking Roxie up early from the substitute childminder. And I also promised Jolina to make some presents with her this afternoon.

Somehow Christmas makes me want to be a supermom, and that’s hard when also having to do well at uni.

But I guess, if all else fails I will just bluff. Just not the mommy-part.