Gifted fabric in the post.

Stoffstil were so kind to send me a Summer present, and I have already had a lot of fun sewing. Basically that was what I did most of my Summer holiday. Thinking up styles, cutting fabric and sewing has really become my go-to-happy place, when I have a moment alone, so whenever time allowed these 3 weeks I had off from work, that is what I did.

The tiered dresses are what I am living in since the heat has been quite heavy on me. The airiness make them perfect for wearing, and I feel both casual and a little bit cute in them too. So I seem to just keep making them.

I have made a lot from refashioned scarves but this is from a brand new fabric – not thrifted, a woven viscose from

Top part is cut from boxy top I already had. The two layers were cut approx. 1,5 x times wider than the previous one. There needs to be some material to ruffle it from. Looking at the dress now I realize I could have given it even more ruffles. Everybody wants more ruffles! It just takes a lot of fabric, really, and there is somehow never enough. And it is also still very nice, airy and pretty.

Bottom and sleeve openings were folded to the back and stitched on. The neck opening was finished off with a very narrow white cotton bias tape. Simple and quick.

I love the viscose fabric in this weather. And the print is great – red and white narrow stripes with wild pansies – one of my favourite flowers. So lovely.