This Christmas has been unreal – in a good way.

We have had a cosy December, almost too much Christmas cheer and good spirits. After handing in my exams I had so much energy for all the things I wanted to do, and some of it even happened – homemade presents, awesome cookiebaking, decorations around the house, which did make me feel supermom’ish, but the girls showed me with fits and tantrums, that perhaps it was too much. That cramming too much happiness, cheer and festivity in does not actually work. Or perhaps they just suddenly found out, that they are 2 and 4, and that the have been way too well behaved for too long, and that it was time to challenge that. So they did by kicking and screaming their way through a horrible weekend.

And then we slowed down.

Which made things better again.

Christmas Eve we had a lovely time. The day had been fine, lots of play, god christmas films, some early presents, a visit from Father Christmas, and treats in abundance. That resulted in Roxie falling asleep early in the evening, long before dancing around the tree and handing out presents, but that meant that Jolina got some alone time with the rest of us. And she handled it so well. She loved the dancing, the singing, and waited ever so nicely for the presents to go round. My big, big girl.

We were happy and proud when we took her to bed at 8.30. She was very tired but fine to go to sleep. Great!

Then we all just ate some more, talked and celebrated the evening. We did not have the mountain of presents that I remember from earlier days, but I enjoyed that it was an amount Jolina could handle, and that we did not spend the whole evening opening presents. More time to eat chocolate.

Yesterday we then had some visitors from the past, old friends lost from long time ago, and it has been so much fun. Unreal almost to imagine that it could happen. Christmas has given us the time and opportunity to catch up, laugh and drink lots of wine.

If it was not because I had such a massive hangover and have not got a cheeseburger in each hand, I would be so perfectly happy right now. But I am pretty damn close.