So I’m back.


It feels like I have written that one too many times here, but now it’s a bit more serious. I am so close to shutting down the old Danish blog and simply keep it as an old diary for myself, and this blog will be the platform that I hope to use from now on.

That means, I hope some of you Danish readers will follow me here, even though its all in English – but I also hope to have some new English readers. Anyways, at least I hope to make it a bit easier for some English readers (shout out to you Nanny Louise and Granddad Mick).

I have thought a lot about what blogging means to me, and I have decided that I probably can’t live without it. The feedback. The inspiration. The outlet. The community. I just love it so much.

Four years ago I began reading blogs, and it was a whole new world that opened itself to me. I was lost for days, reading my favorite ones from start to end. I laughed and cried with the stories. I found people that inspired me in many different ways. And I began thinking if I could start my own blog too.

It took some time before I dared to, but when I finally made the jump, I could not go back.

I made new friends. Some that I got to know really, really well, and some that just pop in from time to time with their kindness. The comments on my last post on the Danish blog, made me so happy, because it shows me, that you readers are still out there. And I am humbled by your sweet words.

Now I actually want to write again. Post stuff. All kinds of different things. And from now on, I will do it here.

So welcome. And welcome back.