“Fra seng til tøj” – My new sewing book

Fra seng til tøj

fra seng til tøj

“Fra seng til tøj” – in English “From bed to clothing”

It has been some very happy days. Both because the Summer is upon us, the girls have holiday from school, we are enjoying the first year in our house. But also because a new sewing book from me and the Petunia Publishing House is coming out. I have written about the process earlier on the blog here, and now it is finally out.

It is so beautiful and I am very proud and glad to see it for real. I cannot wait to hear what you all think about it.


“Fra seng til tøj”is full of styles made from recycled and thrifted materials

Materials like duvet covers, quilts and other fabrics from the bedroom. And all of the styles are made, the no-pattern way from just a shirt and a pair of loose trousers. Super simple but very versatile.

I hope the readers and makers out there will love it too, and will be inspired to sew lots of lovely things.

I went to my editor, Rikke Ella, yesterday, luckily she is very close by and we had such a cosy afternoon. Seeing all the books in her warehouse was unreal – but fun!

I guess you can see how happy and excited we are.

More projects and books to come

We are planning loads more books in the future so now I know what I will be doing when my holiday comes round very soon. It will be the last finishing touches on a Christmas DIY book, so that will be a different experience in the middle of Summer. And it will be challenging to shoot the photos since it is sooo warm right now.

The dream of writing books seems to finally be very real.

And perhaps this book should be translated into English if there is an interest for it – that would be an interesting challenge.

All the pretty models – so happy they wanted to help me out on this project. You are amazing and I love the way you carry the outfits and bring them to life!

Fra seng til tøj Fra seng til tøj

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