StyleHacking – sew a creative wardrobe 

StyleHacking – sew a creative wardrobe

StyleHacking – sew a creative wardrobe

StyleHacking – sew a creative wardrobe is my next book coming out

I have been so exited for such a long time, and now its getting closer and closer to the publishing date. I cannot believe what an exciting journey it has been since we began working on it. And for how long it has actually been a dream to publish a book in English. 

I remember making my first sewing book back in 2004 when I was just finished with my fashion design degree. I don’t think I even sent it to any publishers, because it was probably quite bad, but I continued working at it, and now I have 2 books out in Danish and one coming very soon to the international market. 

StyleHacking – sew a creative wardrobe

The best thing about the book

I love that this book StyleHacking – sew a creative wardrobe will be inspiring to both beginners and those who just want to start creating without too much time or stress. I know it will spark so much joy to those who will suddenly find out just how much they can sew themselves. It will be such a cool surprise. 

And I love how every model in the book brings something awesome to the pages. I am so grateful that they wanted to help me. The shots were done by me in my home and at the local museum, so I guess its ok for me to call myself a photographer too. That’s what making a book under covid restrictions does – you just have to minimize on people and do it yourself. 

In my dreams this book will make new and old sewists and makers dare begin the process of no-pattern sewing by making their own creative wardrobe. They will realize that they can do much more than they thought. And I hope they will wear the clothes and feel proud just like I do myself. 

StyleHacking – sew a creative wardrobe StyleHacking – sew a creative wardrobe

Thanks to those of you who have already pre-ordered!

I cannot wait to hear what you think. The book StyleHacking – sew a creative wardrobe comes out November 15th 2021 and can be found here  The publishers behind are the amazing C&T Publishing.


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We also had such fun days shooting – you can see some of the shots here

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