Apron dress DIY

Apron dress DIY


Apron dress DIY for Summer

It is finally Summer here in Denmark! That means that every other day its really hot and the rest of the time its windy and rainy. But just some Summer days are fine. I will take whatever I can get.


A DIY from the archive..

This Apron dress DIY is one that  have actually forgotten for a while, and suddenly I remembered in my folders. So here it is.

The apron dress is made from and old duvet cover and some cotton lace that a good friend gave me. So super sustainable and keeping the materials in circulation in stead of throwing them out.

I hope you can use this Apron dress DIY and make something cute for yourself.


How to make the Apron dress

I measured from a simple top, made  two top pieces, two middle pieces for the elastic on the back, and two skirt pieces. And then I used two pieces of the cotton lace.

Apron dress DIY

At first I stitched the cotton lace pieces om to the top of one of the top pieces. Then I added the other top piece on top, so the cotton lace comes out on the front.

I then stitched the two middle pieces together and stitched on some elastic in both sides.

The piece with the elastic then needs to be stitched onto the two-layered top piece with the cotton lace. Then the top piece is almost done.

Apron dress DIY

Finishing the Apron dress

After that the skirt needs to be sewn. Then the skirt must be ruffled so it can be added to the top and elastic piece.        Gather the skirt evenly around the top and sticth it in place.

Now it’s a good time to try the apron dress on and mark where you want to cotton lace bands.

Cross them, cut the excess band off and sticth them in place.

Apron dress DIY

Such a cute make – either with a naked back or a top underneath.

Happy making!





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