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Fantastisk dag! 


Ja, der kom gang i bloggen, og så glemte jeg igen alt om den. Men nu kan jeg da lige begynde igen. Med lidt nyheder. På dansk, for det fungerer bare bedst lige nu. 

Men der er nyt, og selv om det er lidt hemmeligt, fordi detaljerne ikke er på plads, så deler jeg det alligevel her. For jeg er så glad efter den mest fantastiske travle og stressende dag. 

Jeg har skudt billeder til sybog med en rigtig fotograf. Og nu skal vi se, hvor langt det hele når. Forhåbenligt hele vejen. Jeg fik i hvert fald hjælp af et fantastisk team Idag. Så taknemmelig. 

Nu vil jeg kollapse. Vi filmer videre imorgen. 


Welcome back to me to the blog again. 

Just came home after a long, good day of shooting pics for a sewing book and some other projects. It’s so exiting. And nerve racking. But I think it’s gonna be really great. Had assistance from some awesome  people. 

And now I will collapse on the sofa. We continue again tomorrow. 


Cool prints


I have mentioned it before a long time ago, but I really like Jenny over on She sells very cool prints with her husband. 

For a long time we have had both ‘Carl’ and ‘Girl with badger’ hanging on our walls from their shop.

For Christmas I gave my brother this print (borrowed from Jennys page) with Darth Maul and some dandelions. My brother is a big Star Wars fan, so I thought it was awesome.  He lives in Greenland, so I don’t know if he has it on his wall, but I will go visit him and check soon!

For our walls I got new ones too. One for each of the girls room and one that I can look at every time I check myself in the mirror in the morning. 

The prints are so cool I think, and the girls also immediately fell for theirs. They saw the story in them, which made me very happy. 
Now I can’t wait to go and see if Darth maul is hanging on my brothers wall. 

(And this post is not sponsored. I just bought the prints, cause I like them.)

Good buys from yesterday 


I got a load of great stuff yesterday at AVV. Here is some of it. 

Also this post will show how hard it is to take nice fashion shots. Man, I look like – weird. How do you take a good clothes selfie? Where does the arm go? The stupid looking hand? Can you fit your face in the shot? Can you avoid looking stupid? 

I have got to practice this some more. 

Anyway – the diamanté skating outfit or whatever it is. Totally crazy and I totally love it. Will probably wear it never ever but still cool. 

The girls fell in love with a weird bunny top and sequined boots. Roxie then got a new spring jacket and I got cute hello kitty linen for some kind of project. 

A top I looked at when it was out in H&M but never bought. Till now. 

An amazing dress to march my hair. Just need an occasion. And to remember to open my eyes. 

And some more awkward posing shots of good buys. Will practice those clothes selfies. 

All this (and more) in a 175 Kroner bag. Bargain!

Thrift me happy!


Truth, I love shopping, but it does make me feel guilty for the ressources and money spent. I can only buy things that are reduced in price, since I have been a student since forever, and the feeling of being short on cash feels quite close. 

This past year I have had a steady job with a real paycheck and it feels amazing but I still don’t like spending. Also, my job now revolves around all the waste accumulated in our world, and it does make me sick to my stomach to think about all the stuff we buy, that we don’t really need. 

Cause really what do we need? Most of it is just fun, tat and surplus. 

I still like buying things. And let’s face it, most of the stuff I buy I don’t really need either, but it helps to know that I buy it secondhand. So that’s become my new routine. 

We have an awesome thrift place here in my town, Hjørring, with both furniture, knick knack and clothes. I go here once a month normally. I can get new plates for 5 kroner each, used books, retro stationary sets (boy, I will post about that some other time…) or fill a big bag of clothes for 100 kroner – or a huge sack for 175. For a life that is very non-minimalistic it fits in fine. 
It’s the thrill of the hunt that I like. Not knowing what I will find. Sometimes I am on the lookout for something special, but mostly its just a fun trip to see what crazy finds there are. I get stuff for my mum, for the girls, and I take it all home to wash it. Sometimes it goes back to the thrift shop if I misjudged the fit, so it just continues the cycle of reuse. 

It’s a nice way to get my shopping needs satisfied, and it makes it so much harder to buy normal new stuff – cause when you can get a sack of clothes for a cheap then shopping with ordinary prices just seems crazy. So it saves money in a lot of ways.

It’s puzzling the things that get thrown out, and I don’t think it’s a good sign for our planet, but that’s a completely different story…

I love that the girls like to come with me, and I hope that they will continue to be ok with getting new things like this. It’s hard to imagine that they might soon ask for expensive new things. I just hope they will also enjoy this kind of hunting for fun things and good bargains. 

Drawing naked people


Last night I went to a croquis event at the local culture house.  

It was the first time in ages that I have drawn a model. I used to do it a lot. I also used to model for it myself, and golly it was great for body feelings to stand naked in front of a crowd with notepads. I can totally recommend it. 

Last night was fun. And hard. But I was reminded how much I love to draw ladies. They are awesome. Curves and edges all lovely. And I want to come again next time, unless we are drawing men. I am appearantly not comfortable looking at strange penises. Is it wrong to feel like that..? That men are not as fun to draw as women? Probably. 

Unless it’s Alan. 

I would really like to draw him! But I could kind of do that anytime, so it might be weird to bring him to a crowd of people to do it. It would be sharing the beauty though. Which is a good thing. 

New Nikon


I was so lucky to get a Nikon D3300 as a present when I finished my masters a year ago. I have not used it a lot (iPhone glued to my hand instead) but today my Hungarian friend Rita asked me for some photos. 

It was so much fun and I think she looks gorgeous and ever so cool in these shots. 

Thanks Rita, for letting me post them here. 

Trying to blow some life into this old blog again..




Rather crazy to be back after such a long time. But it seems I am. Or well. At least for this one post.

I have thought about the blog so many times after I stop writing. And why did I stop? I guess I just got sick and tired of writing about feeling like shit after cancer and the awful healing process. But that seems further away now. Touch wood. So perhaps I can come back to just having a kinda-normal, creative, secret-spilling, boring, awkward, cosy and old school blog. That´s what I would like for sure.


The whole blog world has changed so much. I remember spending a lot of time writing posts, following all my favourite bloggers and their lives, and then suddenly so many seemed to disappear. And so much of the content I used to like became ads and ads and ads.

And so I stopped blogging and stopped reading as well. And when I came back to start reading again so many good bloggers were gone. Some still there though, and I have been hanging on to you!


I would like to come back now. I don´t know exactly how, so much has changed.

I now have two big girls who don´t want me to share all kinds of fun things they do. So I will respect that. Also I work full time, so I don´t know where the time for this blog will come from. But I will try and make it work! Cause I missed this! I have so many ideas for creative projects that I would like to get done, and maybe this blog can help me.

The update now, almost 3 years since the last post, is that life can get back to an almost normal state after being seriously ill. It takes time, but I do dare believe in the future again. The physical pain is also getting much better. And reading here on the blog from the last posts I can suddenly remember how awful it all was. Happy to have progressed to a better place.

I am so lucky I am here with my family. Abnormally grateful for life is what I am.

Thank you


Thank you so much for all your good wishes, your cyber-hugs, your love and your words.


It means the world.


I am in a weird place. Saying to myself all the time that the first tests were good – and that that´s gotta mean something. Then deciding to forget that the second doctor was so sure that it was still malign just from seing it. Even though, of course I can´t forget it. But she did tell me, that this is something I am going to get over – that I will be ok! She told me that.


So that´s what I keep saying to myself over and over again. Sometimes through tears. And sometimes while planning the funeral in my head. I guess that it´s normal to act that way, when you think of cancer.


I still don´t really understand it. And sometimes I forget it. I go for two minutes doing something else, and it suddenly hits me. Bang! There is cancer in me.


Before I had the examinations I had been having so many bad dreams. Stress-dreams where I would forget the wedding, forget that I had a family, forget all kinds of things and make bad decisions, and I have been used to waking up thinking Phewwwww, so good it was just a nightmare. I did that the other day with this. I closed my eyes for a minute and drifted off, then woke up and thought, oh dear what a crappy dream, only to realize that it was real.


It´s still real.


But I´m saying the words – the first tests were good – I will be ok!

Please say them with me.


Enter angry title here..


So today was awful.

Just right out awful.

I found out Lene has died, and it made me so so sad. And I thought it was a bad sign for the day.

Went to the hospital for my appointment and had the pleasure of first hearing that the growth was good – and not cancerous.

Then the most painful examination to date. But I got through it thinking that I was ok, and that the doctor just needed to see for herself how it looked up there before sending me off to surgery.

Then after seeing the growth for herself the doctor changed her mind, and told me that it actually was bad.

That it was an ugly one.

So now I have cancer.


And I don’t understand it at all.

In less than ten days I have gone from a person with bowel problems, to someone who might have cancer, to someone who has cancer.

Going to some scans tomorrow to figure out how bad it is and for the doctors to see how they will get it out of me.

No words really.

I don’t want to dwell on it but its hard not to. It’s right there shouting in my face constantly. Every time I am painfully at the toilet it screams death to me.

I choose to ignore it. I choose love and kisses. Looking at the trees in my garden. Snuggling up to the sweeties in bed.

9 more days before there is an answer and I can perhaps breathe again.


Let your windows do the talking..


As always, the magnificient Dosfamily have once again come up with sweet inspiration for my life.

Lying here, trying to get the kids to sleep, with the neighbours making lots of noise, it seemed quite funny.. In summer, with the windows open, sleeping is hard for the little girls. And even though they will soon enough be the ones out there having fun and running up and down the street shouting and singing, I just cant help sometimes cursing the outside noises/barking dogs/electric racing cars/drone helipcopters (wtf!) – and kicking tires..




On Dosfamily Isabelle posted THIS  picture of her cabin with cute dreamy eyes painted on the window curtains. I thought that was an awesome idea..



Super cute!


I wondered how that would look on our curtains..

our house 1


Then I thought it perhaps would be hard for the neighbours to understand exactly what it meant, so I tried another option –

our house 2

As in, “please be quite, we are trying to get our kids to sleep so we can be sane adults for just an hour this evening“.


Then I thought, I´d just make the message loud and clear –

our house 3


Thanks for wonderful inspiration Dosfamily!

– And no, I am not an angry wench, I just thought it was funny! I love loud noises – just not at nap-times.