A handmade outfit for my little girl in unicorn print

Fabric for the handmade outfit in this post was a gift from Stoffstil 

handmade outfit

A handmade outfit to make everybody happy

News from the sewing room – which is actually the living room most of the time at the moment. I have a sewing room, but it is really just full of fabric and mess. Anybody who can relate to that? Fabric and mess all over the place? But that is the standard in my house. (Although for the photos of this post the floor was actually clean..)

I have received an abundance of fabric in the beginning of the Summer from Stoffstil and a lot of it I have already shown you the results from  – like the tiered dress, the beautiful (yes, beautiful) zipper  and the glittery culottes and skirts .

handmade outfit

Unicorn print

Some of the fabric I could not show you since it was a surprise – or well, not a surprise, just a unicorn jersey print  that was not released yet to the shops. Well, it is now, and I have been looking forward to showing you. It is also used in a DIY I will have in Simply Sewing  issue 60 soon, but luckily there were left overs for a cute unicorn print set for Roxie, so I could make her a handmade outfit that she would really love  and not just a set for myself.

handmade outfithandmade outfithandmade outfit

Serger sewing

This is very much a set that has been made with serger sewing. Not a lot of normal stitches, and I love that, since it makes the process so quick. And being quick I can make more stuff, which I seem to be almost addicted to..

It is a handmade pattern made by hacking some clothes that Roxie already had. There is no time wasted there.  And then it is also quality sewing for me. Some details that are very simple,  but that I really like. She really loves it, and is has been worn many, many times already. And I adore the print too.

I enjoy making clothes for Roxie, and I hope she will still let me for many years to come. As a result of all the sewing she will see I hope to inspire her to also be sewing clothes for herself in the future. More sewing together in the family could be great.

Thank you for the lovely fabric Stoffstil.

handmade outfit

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