I hope to make a DIY step-by-step-guide to a fur coat with a lining before long. The things just is, that it is such a pain to cut and sew faux fur inside, because the little strands of fur get everywhere.

Normally I love to sew fur when the weather is milder and you can do it outside, but that is not really possible at the moment. Since it is really cold. And there is a limit to how much faux fur you can predict in the Summer that you will want to wear in the Winter. I was not  too good at predicting that this Summer at least.

My husband Alan did make a nice half shed area in the back garden that I could go down and cut some fabric in. I guess that if I am just dressed warm enough (like in some warm faux fur for example, haha) then it could work. I used the area in the Spring and Summer, and it was really fun to see the birds pick up a lot of the pieces after, I guess they made some birds nests quite comfy. Funny to think of a bird nest with pink faux fur. How cosy and stylish.

But just getting the fabric cut outside could be a great help. Then you can shake all the cut pieces outside, so the pieces you sew inside do not shed as much. Yes, I think I will do that.

This faux fur from last year, is quite a masterpiece. You can read the earlier post about it here.

It is so cool and over the top, just like it love it! I did go to pick up my daughters in it one day, just as I got to them they were being picked on by some boys from another school. I thought I was going to come to their rescue and be really cool. That didn’t exactly happen. Or well, I did kind of rescue my girls, because the boys then started picking on me, calling me a weird giraffe.

That’s me, always coming to the rescue with my crazy outfits, when I think I just look super cool.