Make your own easy pajama DIY

This month I am fortunate enough to have another sewing DIY in Simply Sewing

This time a pajama DIY in some cute fabric. And I happened to also make one for myself when I was testing the pajama DIY before sending it in.

pajama DIYpajama DIYpajama DIY

The pajama DIY was a design, that was really fun to make

I wanted to make something in an 80´s style with the bikeshorts and the wide top. The 80´s – always a good decade for fashion inspiration. The easy pyjama set was fun so much so, that I made a set both for the magazine to send off, and then also a set for myself. Both the lovely fabrics were from by Stoffstil. Who does not love ladybirds and unicorns in bright colours.. I know I do. And so did my little girl as you can see below, so she got a pair of yogapants of the remnants.

It is always nice with remnant fabrics

And in this case with the pajama DIY it shows, that once I get started sewing, I cannot seem to stop.

It can seem rather difficult to make a pair of shorts or trousers from another pair of trousers, but I really don´t think it´s that hard. And using stretchy fabric makes it a lot easier. Here is some of the tutorial from Simply Sewing. It really is easy once you get the technique.

pajama DIYpajama DIYpajama DIY

The complete DIY to make it your own is in the issue 60 of Simply Sewing. If you cannot get it at your local magazine shop, it can be downloaded on RB Digital. I am sure, you will find lots of other great ideas in the magazine.

Here is the gorgeous model from Simply Sewing –

And here is a homestyle model (yay, that´s me) in her comfy set –

pajama DIY

Happy making! I hope you all have a lovely and creative weekend. If you´d like more creative ideas don´t worry, I have yo covered. They are right here.

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