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Weekend soon!

This week has been full of home schooling, eating carbs and creating stuff the youtube channel.

We have has some really cool things on, and one of the best things was a pinafiore tie snip kind of dress for both me and Jolina.

In the film we show how to make Jolinas, but I also took some step by step photos to try and show how I made my one.


How to cut the Pinafore tie snip dress

At first I measured the length I wanted from the top of the dress to the bottom. I chose 90 cm.

Then I measured of 100 cm in width for both the front and the back piece.

I took those two pieces of fabric and folded them in the middle to get a total of 4 layers in two folds. The width of the fold was 50 cm. I placed a folded t.shirt on top of the fold of the dress, marked from the top chest point and then cut down the side of the fabric.

I measured it on me to see how much extra needed to be cut off, folded the fabric down again and then cut it. in this case I made a curve at the bottom, but you can also just make it a  box.

How to sew the Pinafore tie snip dress

I overlocked all the edges. And stitched the sides together from the bottom till approximately waist height. You can always measure it on yourself before sewing to be sure.

Fold the bottom opening 1 cm towards the back and stitch in place.

I also cut 8 long snips from the scraps from the sides of the fabric. Approx. 6 cm wide and 30 cm long. They should be stitched together along the long sides, then opened (use a knitting needle to get the last pointy bit out), and then ironed.

Then place the snips at the top of the dress in both sides and stitch them on front to front, one in all 4 sides. Fold the fabric towards the back, the snips folded up, and sticth it in place from the front.

Also fold the sides 1 cm towards the back and stitch it in place. When you get down to the side opening be sure to get some nice seam angles from the first side, to the opening and up the other side again.


That’s it – the dress is done!

I hope you have some fun making one on your own.