Easy zipper bag tutorial

Easy zipper bag

Easy zipper bag

Easy zipper bag tutorials for beginners

I have recently made two new amazingly simple tutorials that are up on YouTube here  and here on how to attach zippers. One of them is for a small zipper purse and the other one is for a bag with a non-adjustable strap.

The projects are without lining, so it is just attaching the zipper to one layer of fabric. That means it is a particularly good and easy place to start if you are new to zippers.

You can also see the photos here on some of the steps.

The most important when you do not have a layer of lining is to make sure the edges are not raw, since they will not be hidden inside the lining. I use a serger to make them look as neat as possible, but you can also use a zig-zag sticth.

Easy zipper bag Easy zipper bag Easy zipper bag Easy zipper bag

Use your scrap pieces for the easy zipper bags

Making small bags is a great way to use left over fabric. Those pieces that are too small for larger projects but a way to still use pieces of fabric you love.

I am happy to have made the quilted zipper bag, and to use those two pieces I cut for the hood for the upcycled quilt coat, that I ended up scrapping. This way they did not go to waste.


Making the zipper fit

The videos for the zipper quilt bag also shows how to make a zipper longer. Of course you cannot make the opening of the zipper wider, but you can do this trick to add fabric to make it easier to stitch in. that is such a good thing to know, when you do not have a zipper that fits perfectly.

There is no reason to be afraid of zippers. Just find some fabric that you like and give it a go. Making small bags is a great place for beginners to start. Just be careful to keep the zipper teeth out of the needle of the sewing machine. If not it can break or bend and that is bad – I have had a needle gone breaking and flying around the room way too many times.

So stay safe and have fun with some zipper projects.

Easy zipper bag Easy zipper bag

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