Polymer clay crochet hooks, hair clips and earrings

Polymer clay crochet hooks

Polymer clay crochet hooks Polymer clay crochet hooks

Polymer clay crochet hooks, hair clips and earrings in one fun make

I have had some great projects with polymer clay recently. Both the Christmas hearts  and the licorice all sorts. Fun and creative to make and use afterwards.

In the same session I also made some different projects for jewelry, hair clips  and not at least Polymer clay crochet hooks. You can see the videos on my youtube channel here for the jewelry and hair clips and the crochet hooks.


How to …

for all the projects I tried to make a marble and terrazzo effect. Some nice, blended colors for the marbled effect. That is a really good way of using the left overs from what over projects in the works.

For the terrazzo you just need a beautiful base color and then you can add little pieces on top of that for color. Flatten it out with the rolling pin and you have your design.

I roll the material quite thin for the earrings to not get them too heavy, my ears just do not like that. Then I use my tiny cookie cutters to cut shapes. So simple, and I like simple circles and half circles.

I also have some cool earrings, where little rolled beads of polymer clay can be attached directly, so no assembling is required later.

Polymer clay crochet hooks


Make it easy – avid the glue

For the hair clips you can use that flat rolled pieces and attach them around your hair clip. But it is also fun to make long rolls to braid and attach.  Again, you can attach them directly to the hair clip to avoid messing with glue afterwards. Just be sure that you can still open and close the hair clips.

The Polymer clay crochet hooks are so cool and I have seen some great examples many places that have inspired me for my make. You need some hooks made of metal, cause the polymer clay will be baked around them, so they need to be ok to go into the oven.

For the Polymer clay crochet hooks I just took some leftover pieces, rolled them long and flat so they could cover the body part of the crochet hook. Then I placed it around the crochet hook and pressed it tight. Any uneven surfaces I tried to even out.

Some genuinely nice makes and easy to go ahead with. I hope you feel inspired and want to give it a go as well. Happy making!

Polymer clay crochet hooks

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