Getting in the christmas bling spirit – hanging baubles DIY

This is a project from last year, but I thought it would be cool to share it this year as well.

hanging baubles DIY

A fun hanging baubles DIY

For many years I have been collecting cool christmas ornaments, new as well as vintage, and every year that we have lived in this house, I have hung them from the ceiling. The first years when my collection was small I just hung them up in some thread with pins, and then as my collection grew I gathered some branches each year to hang up and then hang the ornaments from them.

Last year I wanted to do something different and make the hanging option larger since the collection had grown even more. So that turned into the making of a fun hanging baubles DIY project.

I ad some old metal clothes hangers where I thought the metal would be perfect to use. I cut them open and bound them together to make a large hoop. On that hoop I fastened a lot of twigs and branches from the garden to camouflage the green metal as much as possible.

hanging baubles DIY


And so  – a huge hoop appeared and was ready to hang up in the ceiling and now there was much space for my growing christmas ornament collection of cute little animals, shiny baubles, quirky things and little christmas elves.

hanging baubles DIYhanging baubles DIYhanging baubles DIY


The perfect holiday feel

I really enjoyed looking up at it all december last year, and I am looking forward to doing the hanging baubles DIY again this year. Pretty things can be so nice to look at, and many of those ornaments were bought at a specific time so they come with a lot of good memories. When we had cats they also really enjoyed looking at it, but luckily it was up so high, that they did not try to take it down. If it fell from the ceiling it would be such a shame, so I better be sure that it is fastened properly this year, when I put it up.

hanging baubles DIY

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