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How to start a podcast – or at least my way of doing it

Well basically, I just did it. Started a podcast. It is called the Popcorn Brain Creative Podcast and it is about the life of a serial crafter. The creaive jorney, dealing with all the creative impulses, managing projects and time, and so much more.

Just like I do my other craft projects I try not to worry that much about whether it is perfect or not. And with a podcast, where it is completely new skills for me, I knew that it would be a learning by doing process and not something that would start out being perfect. That’s why the sound is not that great on the first 3 episodes, but perfectionism has never stopped me, just like I would encourage you to never let it stop you either.


How to start a podcast – the Popcorn Brain Creative Podcast

With a brain that pops out ideas like crazy, making a podcast has been one of them for a long time. I really enjoy listening to podcasts myself, and I just thought it could be fun to give it a go. I talked to a friend about doing one together, because I prefer the “talking friends” podcasts myself, but planning is hard in these busy lives we have, so the urge to just get going took over.


What to do when you start a podcast – make a list of subjects you want to talk about

  • And most importantly, that you would also want to listen to yourself. And then just try it. See how it goes and take notes about what you need to be aware of or change.

I need to focus on not just rambling and actually having an outline of what the plan to talk from is. And speak clearly! And I will probably figure out loads more, that I can improve on, as I go along, but I don’t want to overwhelm myself, with everything that is not good enough. Instead I focus on the things that work, and enjoy that.

I also have made a list of great people I would like to interview for the Popcorn Brain Creative Podcast about their creative journey, and if you would like to be on it, then please don’t hesitate to contact me.

You can listen to it on all your favourite podcast apps.



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