How to do creative batch work

creative batch work

How to do creative batch work and make it work for you

I have heard and read a lot about creative batch work both from my big heroes at A Beautiful Mess  and Jenna Kutcher – but also a lot of other places. Thanks for the inspiration, ladies! Creative batch work is all the rage in the blog world.

And there is a reason for that!


My every day and how batch working fits in

I normally work full time, right now in municipal communication, and besides from that I have a family with two active girls, which means that the time I have at my disposal is limited. I bet I am not alone in this.

And I love my life, it is great, but it often does not leave as much for creativity as I could wish for. But I still want to do my YouTube videos, my blog, sew for fun or just sit and make random earrings with the girls.

But to get to do that I have to be quite good at planning and fit in some creative batch work.


What is creative batch work?

Batch working means taking the time you have available and not doing a little bit of this, a little bit of that, and then be frustrated that you got nowhere. It means being super serious about what projects you want to do, plan them, and then time your work with them. Once you get the hang of this, you will really discover that you do not only save time, but that you also don´t waste the time, wondering what you should do.

How to do creative batch work


Make the lists! And save my template if you want to get started

I figure out what projects I have lined up, and then I find my favorite markers and most beautiful paper.

And then I get to work.

I write down the themes of my projects, sorting, cutting, sewing, sewing with the serger, jewelry making, photo shooting, filming, editing, writing, posting on social media, and so on.

Below each theme I note which ideas, which materials, jobs, or other things I must remember. Perhaps there will be 7 sewing projects, 3 for jewelry making, 6 blog posts and so on, that I need to make. So, instead of doing one of each I will do as many of the themed projects at once.

I have my list and of course I can note it, if there are projects that have deadlines, so I know which ones I need to be most urgent with.

No time is wasted.


Get to work – creative batch work

Batch work might not seem that creative, because it is so organized, but I still believe it is very creative. Because it means that stuff gets done! And that is my main goal. And ticking of projects on my list feels so good. Because each tick is a step closer to the goal of doing more creative work and getting it out there.


I have this post has inspired you. Please do not hesitate to try some creative batch work, I am sure you will not regret it.

And if you want to know more about me – and the every day in which I try to do some creative batch work, you can read about it here.

How to do creative batch work

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