How to finish a quilt

How to finish a quilt

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And with how to finish a quilt I mean how to finish a quilt really easily  because that is how I generally do things.

I have made a really beautiful front for the quilt with some fabric pieces that were gifted to me. In this tutorial I will show you how to add the padding, the backing, and the pretty borders as well so it looks nice and finished.

How to finish a quilt

how to finish a quilt – the padding and backing

I placed my backing and padding on the floor and put the finished front piece on top. Then I cut around the pieces using the front piece as a marker but giving it a bit of extra space. I then took away the excess bits.

To make the pieces stay together you can do quite a few things but I chose to use fabric adhesive spray. I sprayed it on the back layer first, adding the padding on top bit by bit, and smoothing it out. When these two layers were done I sprayed the adhesive on the padding and added the front piece bit by bit. Again it is especially important to smooth and flatten out the fabric as you go along. With that looking nice you can cut away the last bit of excess fabric  to the sides, if there is any.


How to finish a quilt How to finish a quilt

how to finish a quilt – putting the stitches in

One of the beautiful things about quilts are the pretty stitches, and for this I wanted to just keep it simple. I made lines sewing on the front of the quilt so I could follow some of the lines from the fabric seams. That made it really easy. I do not have a quilters sewing machine, so it can be hard work to fit all the fabric onto the machine. But with a bit of patience it works. I do one half first and then turn it over to do the other half from the other side, so there never is more than half a quilt in the sewing machine area.

You can make your stitches just as you prefer, and it can also look awesome to do them more freely and organic. Its al up to the maker.

I also did a sticth all the way along the edges, to keep the layers in place, but the glue was actually great, so it was not even necessary.

How to finish a quilt How to finish a quilt How to finish a quilt

Adding the border to the quilt

The last finishing touch of how to finish a quilt is the border. For the I used 8 cm wide fabric, 3 pieces that are each the length of the sides and I that is a tiny bit longer than the sides.

Stich it on on one side along the edge and then fold it over across the edge to the other side of the quilt. Fold the border fabric towards the back and stitch it in place along the folded line. For the last pieces just fold them in so the raw edges are hidden.

All done and it is looking beautiful. So happy to have finished this make.

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See the video for this project here on youtube.

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