Sewing Scandi Cuties eBook

Sewing Scandi Cuties

I have a new eBook out: Sewing Scandi Cuties – Lots of little lovelies for you to make.

It is a book with lots of Scandi style, cozy, ideas for lovers of creativity, hygge and everything cute.  Cuties for the home, for the kids, for presents – or for yourself. The patterns are easy, and I am sure it will inspire you to lots of freestyle fun, so even for beginners or with little ones to help, there is an abundance of crafting fun to be had.

It is a book I began many years ago, and if you look at some of the photos, the girls are so tiny and cute. I cannot believe how much they have grown. It was a plan to have it published as a paper book, but the publishing world is hard, and even though I have been lucky to get some books through the eye of the needle, the publishing houses would not take this. It’s a tough game.

Sewing Scandi Cuties

Self publishing the Sewing Scandi Cuties eBook

I still thought the Sewing Scandi Cuties book was cute and cool, and I wanted to give it a go to do some more publishing with amazon, so here goes! Already I have published a sewing book and some more on the way, as well as a range of notebooks and planners, which was fun and relatively easy, but making a proper book would be a good challenge for me.

I already have many plans for other books, since eBooks are a great way to gather project ideas when you have a lot of content lying around. Which is basically my life. Lots of content lying around, both literally and in my head.

It is so cool that you can self publish and I will perhaps even write a post about how to do it. Perhaps there are more of you out there, who would like to give self publishing a go..?

Sewing Scandi Cuties Sewing Scandi Cuties Sewing Scandi Cuties Sewing Scandi Cuties Sewing Scandi Cuties Sewing Scandi Cuties

The book is live on amazon now

And you can go buy it if you want to. It will be ready to download for your digital devices. You do not need an amazon kindle, there is the kindle app that will work on other devices.

The book contains so many projects so you can sew cute and soft things at home. There are lots of descriptions and illustrations of the steps. It´s the most detailed I have ever been with my drawings, and I really like them. I spent so much time making them, and now it seems worth it.

I am also enjoying the Sewing Scandi Cuties eBook now, just because the kiddos are so sweet. They really have helped me model many, many times. I also had the help from several friends with cute kids, and I am so grateful that there are so many kind people around me.

Sewing Scandi Cuties

Find the book on amazon here. From the 18th of Feb 2021 there will be a couple of days promotion where the book is free, and I hope a lot of you will try to download it and hopefully write a review.

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