How to make your own DIY knitting needle case

This is a super quick craft thing to make that is very useful – a DIY knitting needle case. All you need is some sturdy or thick material and a sewing machine.


I have recently been getting lots more into knitting. Last year I made a few projects that made me very happy, one of them was this cute cardigan in mohair candy stripes.

But this year I have been so tempted by all the lovely types of yarn you can find, and it feels tough that I am simply not a good enough knitter to make all the cool projects that the real knitters make.

Anybody who can relate to that? I have decided to shut that feeling down though and just go ahead with knitting – no matter how bad I may be at it.

My mum and I have a big collection of knitting needles, and then I have inherited a lot of them from my grandmother, as well as buying them in thrift shops when they are available. But they were all in a huge mess. And I did not always know what I had, so sometimes, I might have gone out and bought the exact same size I already had..


DIY knitting needle case

So I wanted to organize them in sizes. I bought a size measurer to figure it out and then just divided them into piles. All from size 20 (they are huge) to the smallest ones I use, a size 3. Below size 3 is not realistic for me to knit with, it simply takes too long.

I have seen a lot of cute knitting needles cases online, and I had the perfect material for them, one for the big ones in pre-loved leather from back when I stripped the used leather sofa, and one in felted Nepal wool from Panduro for the smaller sizes of knitting needles.

DIY knitting needle case


How to do make the DIY knitting needle case:

They are made with two square pieces sewn together. Then one sided is folded up a bit higher than halfway and stitched closed in the side. In one of the sides I have attached a bit of ribbon so there is some strings to close it with.

I then stitched through the two layers to create some separations between the sizes. The was no measuring going on, so the lines are not completely straight, but it still works.

Suddenly the mess is gone and I can actually find the sizes I have. Its great. Now there is no stopping me in knitting and no more excuses to not buy more great yarn.

DIY knitting needle case  

DIY knitting needle case

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