I can´t believe it´s more scarf DIY!

Scarf DIY is here to stay

When is she gonna stop it with the scarves?! Never!

My last post about the scarf DIY refashioning got a lot of really nice comments on a Danish facebook page about minimalism and sustainability. That made me very happy.

scarf DIYI have continued in the scarf department since then. I was fortunate enough to get a scarf refashioning DIY in a Danish magazine Hendes Verden  – yay, that is me on the front page.

And I just cannot stop with the scarf refashioning. There is so much you can do with them. And usually the fabric is really soft and the prints or weaves are awesome.

I had two partisan scarves in my stash from a trip to the very best thrift shop AVV and even though one was pink and one was red I was sure they could look great together.

And so they do!

Top part is made cutting from a boxy top I had. Bottom is made freehand just cutting a skirt shape with the size of fabric available.

scarf DIYscarf DIY

Then they were sewn together. Bottom part wider than the top part, so I made a few ruffles along the way.

scarf DIYscarf DIY

The bottom and the sleeve openings were really easy, cause I did nothing to them, haha. They already had finished edges I could use.

scarf DIY

The neck opening was finished with a white satin bias tape. Looks really nice and an easy way to do it.

Another lovely and flowy dress made with two thrifted scarves that cost almost nothing.

There is more inspiration for you here, if you cannot get enough of a good scarf refashioning DIY.

scarf DIY

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