2 Refashioning styles for kids

Time to show 2 refashioning styles more.

My oldest Jolina models the leggins, and she had a lot of fun doing that.

My friend Fine´s daughter Marie is the cute model of the long shirt. She is adorable. Fine and I met up in the weekend and our 4 girls played together so well. They are just great, and I was so happy they wanted to help me this day.

It´s still my brilliant friend Saloh doing the photography. Hope we can do another project some other time.

As I wrote last time – the DIY instructions are very simple, and I just hope you have some old clothes to get started with. Perhaps you can make something really awesome for some cute little ones you know.


2 Refashioning style skirts

As I showed in a previous post, I have some Refashiong DIYS just waiting to show you. To me refashioning or upcycling is part of being somewhat sustainable, and not always buying new fabric but using old stuff to make new things. Nice things. So that´s why I wanted to show you.

The photos are from a photoshoot last fall with my brilliant friend Saloh – you can check out more of her beautiful on instagram here. I had friends and family help model, and it was just such a cosy day. You can read about in (in Danish) and watch some behind the scenes snaps here.

The gorgeous models are Amalie and Julie. A huge thanks to them.

My DIY instructions are very simple, and I hope you still feel safe to try. But the good thing about making new clothes from old ones, is that it feels more ok to just go ahead and try. You don´t have to worry that much. Practise makes perfect – or practice makes cool fun and alright.


Yes, that’s me. Super glam in curlers.. I also did some of the modelling. So had to get ready :) We had a fun day!

Refashioning DIY-MIX

I am workingon some quick DIY descriptions for these styles. All are made from old garments.Is that something that could be interesting to see?

A tutu-skirtfrom a dress, a long sleeved kids dress from a t.shirt, a skirt from atablecloth, and a pair of patternmix leggings from two sets of leggings.

It could be fun to show you how it was done. Is it something you would want to see?

Photographer:Sarah L. Andersen https://www.instagram.com/saloh.dk/?hl=en

The refashioners community challenge 2018

This post is written in english because it is a challenge from the english blog Makery where Portia has set the refashioning challenge for the community to show your #therefashioners2018 and #inspiredby designs.

skandimama karoline hughes therefashioners2018.jpg

I have been checking out the entries for the refashioning challenge for the last couple of years, and it seems like just the thing I am doing a lot, actually.

Changing something that already exists ito something else.

Most often it just happens so fast that I do not get round to taking pictures and documenting it.

But it is very sustainable and right up my street, seeing that I go shopping in the 2nd hand shop at my workplace to find things to wear and alter quite a lot.. It is a great way to get new outfits without having to go crazy with new stuff.

I have seen many blue and white striped shirt dresses, and I thought they looked really comfy and smart.


So I wanted to make my own!


Luckily at the shop in AVV I found two identical mens shirts I could use. Both with the same holes on the elbows. (Very pointy elbows there. Someone must have gotten quite a bit ahead. Ha ha.)

elbowsIMG_8507 - Kopi

A few cuts to make shorter sleeves – but with bell edges, and a short little skirt on the bottom with some extra material from the backpiece on the sides to make it wider. And no collar since I wanted to make it a bit more feminine.

refashioners shirt 1skirtsleeves

I can see myself making more of these – I dont even think I need identical shirts, could be fine in contrasting colours as well.

I hope some of you might try the same thing at home.