Refashion a Summer kids dress

This is actually a project from last year – and so looking at the photos I can´t stop thinking how little Roxie looks.. She has grown like crazy this year.

This dress is super easy – made from two tops. One vest that Roxie had worn that had gotten a bit too short, and a top that I had bought for myself in the kids section at H&M. But it never really fitted me. Probably because it was from the kids section..

I cut the bottom of one of them and the top off the other and simply stitched them together while gathering the bottom part to make a bit of ruffles. A super quick make.

The old denim jacket that never dies

Gifted zipper in the post.

I have already shown you some of the things I have made from my lovely Stoffstil present. The sweet little haberdashery elves that work there (in my imagination they are super cute) also heard that the zipper on my denim jacket broke and sent me a new one. Pink, gold and pure cool.

The denim jacket I have is an old thrifted one from back in the day when I just started trifting with my very cool cousin in the 90´s. yikes. That was when it was not normal to go through the thrift shop bins, it smells nicer in the shops now than it did then – but my cousin was awesomely cool so she let me know it was fine. That means the jacket is at least 25 years old cause that’s when I got it, but looking at it, I would say its from the 70´s.

I am never getting rid of it. The wash, the cut and the softness of the denim makes me forever hang on to it.

But the zipper was broken.

Fixing it was easy. Just took it out with the seam ripper and put the new one in. the girls said I should put in on the front, so you could see all the cute pink and gold tape, but I did put it in just like the old one was in stead.

I did not get it quite even on both sides, so I can´t show you a picture of that, ha ha. Perhaps I will one day get annoyed, take it out and put it back in, but who am I kidding, I will probably keep it like this for the next 25 years.

And then here are just some very cute pictures of me and me girls. All in thrifted denim jackets. And attitudes that are all homemade.

I can´t believe it´s more scarf DIY!

When is she gonna stop it with the scarves?! Never!

My last post about the scarf refashioning got a lot of really nice comments on a Danish facebook page about minimalism and sustainability. That made me very happy.

I have continued in the scarf department since then. I was fortunate enough to get a scarf refashioning DIY in a Danish magazine Hendes Verden  – yay, that is me on the front page.

And I just cannot stop with the scarf refashioning. There is so much you can do with them. And usually the fabric is really soft and the prints or weaves are awesome.

I had two partisan scarves in my stash from a trip to the very best thrift shop AVV and even though one was pink and one was red I was sure they could look great together.

And so they do!

Top part is made cutting from a boxy top I had. Bottom is made freehand just cutting a skirt shape with the size of fabric available.

Then they were sewn together. Bottom part wider than the top part, so I made a few ruffles along the way.

The bottom and the sleeve openings were really easy, cause I did nothing to them, haha. They already had finished edges I could use.

The neck opening was finished with a white satin bias tape. Looks really nice and an easy way to do it.

Another lovely and flowy dress made with two thrifted scarves that cost almost nothing.

Scarf refashioning bonanza!

I am lucky enough to have another submission in the Simply Sewing magazine issue no. 58.

It is a refashioning DIY of one of the many scarves I had at home into a cute tube dress – perfect for the beach.

I still have quite a lot of those scarves, they are often in the thrift shop I go to, and lovely patterns and prints are just too hard to resist for me.

Recently I saw one of my friends and she was wearing an awesome tier dress in a beautiful floaty fabric. It was out of my price range, and I thought I could do something like it with my many scarves. And thus the tiered dress factory began.

I love the dresses and will live in them this summer. I also made some for the girls.

Some of them are in two layers because the fabric is too see-through, and with some of them I have made an inner layer from – guess what – more scarf fabric!

The scarves are different in sizes, so some of them have been cut a bit imaginatively, and off course they could be made even longer for a full length version. Each tier has to be wider than the previous, so there is enough to gather from – so there is lots of width and floatiness.

I made a pattern from a wide too for the top bit and the sleeves. The neckline is finished with bias tape in contrasting colours. Sleeves are made differently according to how much scarf fabric was available.

The layers coming were just made from the fabric that (kinda) matched and fitted in width.

I also made one short top – that works well too.

I love the boheme look, the pattern mis-matchiness, and that I could use some of the many scarves I had in store for some dresses that have already been named favourites in the wardrobe for summer. Refashioning is one of my favourite things to do – to be both sustainable not throwing clothes away and use creativity to make something great.

Here I have used my pattern for a dress in a very light fabric on sale at Stoffstil. It is very sheer but with bike shorts underneath it´s fine. And super airy and light for this hot weather.

I hope this will inspire you to make something awesome. Happy making!

2 Refashioning styles for kids

Time to show 2 refashioning styles more.

My oldest Jolina models the leggins, and she had a lot of fun doing that.

My friend Fine´s daughter Marie is the cute model of the long shirt. She is adorable. Fine and I met up in the weekend and our 4 girls played together so well. They are just great, and I was so happy they wanted to help me this day.

It´s still my brilliant friend Saloh doing the photography. Hope we can do another project some other time.

As I wrote last time – the DIY instructions are very simple, and I just hope you have some old clothes to get started with. Perhaps you can make something really awesome for some cute little ones you know.


2 Refashioning style skirts

As I showed in a previous post, I have some Refashiong DIYS just waiting to show you. To me refashioning or upcycling is part of being somewhat sustainable, and not always buying new fabric but using old stuff to make new things. Nice things. So that´s why I wanted to show you.

The photos are from a photoshoot last fall with my brilliant friend Saloh – you can check out more of her beautiful on instagram here. I had friends and family help model, and it was just such a cosy day. You can read about in (in Danish) and watch some behind the scenes snaps here.

The gorgeous models are Amalie and Julie. A huge thanks to them.

My DIY instructions are very simple, and I hope you still feel safe to try. But the good thing about making new clothes from old ones, is that it feels more ok to just go ahead and try. You don´t have to worry that much. Practise makes perfect – or practice makes cool fun and alright.


Yes, that’s me. Super glam in curlers.. I also did some of the modelling. So had to get ready :) We had a fun day!

Refashioning DIY-MIX

I am workingon some quick DIY descriptions for these styles. All are made from old garments.Is that something that could be interesting to see?

A tutu-skirtfrom a dress, a long sleeved kids dress from a t.shirt, a skirt from atablecloth, and a pair of patternmix leggings from two sets of leggings.

It could be fun to show you how it was done. Is it something you would want to see?

Photographer:Sarah L. Andersen