Lockdown days – so we started making youtube videos

Making youtube videos in a crazy world


This year has really been something. And I mean, my family had a shitty 2019, so sad and depressing.

So why would I start making youtube videos?

I remember, New Years eve, saying to Alan, that 2020 was going to be a year, where we would make the most of it. Live a good and happy life together. And then a corona-virus is just thrown into the mix.

And I am not going to lie. I am scared and anxious. There is just too much to worry about.


But I refuse to let it take up to big a part of my day.

And anyways how can it, when you have kids home to homeschool and want to be making youtube video. It´s not like there is a lot of energy and time to just lie there and worry. Luckily.

I am cherishing the time. Already been home for soon 10 days, and I am so happy we have each other. Lucky that our two girls have each other and actually really like hanging out together as well, so they often have a friend to play with. And yes, there is homework, but I am not stressed about that. In 2. And 4th grade, I am sure they will still be ok, with the weird class of homeschool that I can teach.

Alan is busy writing his exams, so there is lots of time for me and the girls to get creative. And now we have actually put a system to it. And we film it making youtube videos. The girls agreed to be part of my youtube channel. I thought that would be much more fun than just me showing the ideas.

making youtube videos

We all love Moriah Elizabeths channel, ad even though we can never ever make anything as brilliant and funny as hers, we still wanted to give it a go. To inspire others to be creative as a family.

So we have filmed some different craft and sewing projects for kids.

Then come the late hours of the evening, and I sit and try to edit them. There is so much to consider with lighting and sound, and even though I thought we were good with my lights and little Rode microphone, I am still adjusting it, to hopefully make the videos next week better.

The girls both get to try different projects, Roxie wants to do the craft and Joline wants to sew. And then they learn that it is also a bit of hard work. I wonder for how long they will think that it´s fun.. But for now it is, and I LoVE doing it with them. I am really proud of them. So far the videos published have been of a skirt made of a pillowcase  and a little purse from some felt.

making youtube videos

I have also had time to do some of my own videos. The first ones of them are also a bit – what should we call them – not so great. But I decided to still put them up there. And they are in English, and I´m sorry for all the things I mispronounce or just say plain wrong. As I might have said before, it´s not easy. But a challenge is also fun. One is an easy jersey skirt DIY with fabric from Stoffstil and the other one is a big, comfy, boxy dress DIY in an amazing print by Lisa Congdon. Both really cool makes. Again, sorry about the sound. That will get better, I promise.

making youtube videos

And the good part of keeping busy like that is, that it leaves less time for worrying. I load up my time with things to do, because too many thoughts on their own make me insane. So I don´t just do it for fun, I also do it to stay functioning.

Perhaps you need a good project to get your mind of things..? From my instafeed I can see that a lot of people are making a lot more things with their hands than normally. How great is that! If you need ideas, you are more than welcome to swing by my channel for some inspiration.

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