Polymer clay licorice all sorts

Polymer clay licorice all sorts

Polymer clay licorice all sorts creative fun

It is always fun to use polymer clay and try to shape the beautiful colors and bring the ideas from your mind into the real world. This Polymer clay licorice all sorts is a project I have done once before, quite some year ago, and it was a lot of fun. This winter while making other things with polymer clay I wanted to give It a go again. The licorice all sorts polymer clay version.

In Denmark where I live we really love licorice. We cannot get enough of it, and I am sure we also have more versions of licorice all sorts, than you normally see, so if these color ways look strange to you, they probably  look more life like to Danes. Perhaps.

Polymer clay licorice all sorts

How to make the Polymer clay licorice all sorts

I found the colors I wanted to use and tried to keep them separated from each other, so the colors would not blend.

For the layered ones I tried to make layers the same size and height and stack them on top of each other before cutting them for shape. It went alright with most of them, apart from the one where the white layer god ay too thick. And it was my last white bits as well. I should have been more careful. But they still look delicious.

For the rolls I made a long tube in black first, then a flat layer of the outer color that I carefully rolled around the inner layer. Apart the from inner layer being a bit warped in places, they turned out nice. The colures match the real versions surprisingly well.

Watch the youtube video here.

I made holes in all of them so they can be used for beads later.

Polymer clay licorice all sorts

Polymer clay licorice all sorts

What to make with the fake licorice all sorts

The worst part making of the polymer clay is baking them. which is such a smelly ordeal, but now I have bought a used, small little table oven, so I can almost set them to bake outside, next time. That will  be good.

After baking , they were lying int the kitchen, and they almost did fool some. But since they were lying among a lot of other polymer clay things not resembling food, luckily nobody tried to eat them..

I have not used all of them, still wondering exactly what plans to go with, but I have made these sweet earrings from them. So yummy and cute. The rest of them are waiting for more good ideas to use them for. – Any recommendations please let me know in the comments.

Polymer clay licorice all sorts

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