Squishy makeovers fail – chapter 1

Squishy makeovers fail

Squishy makeovers fail

Squishy makeovers fail – it has to be bad before it gets good, right?

Both me and my girls a huge fans of Moriah Elizabeth who has an amazing YouTube craft channel. She also had done a lot of squishy makeovers where she turns old used squishies into new with lots of fabric paint, creativity, and talent. She is SOOO god. And also just the best to watch, very entertaining, and we all laugh a lot when we watch the videos together.

Whenever my girls and I watch whatever she does we just want to do it too, so we also got a hold of a lot of old and leftover squishies. They have been banned here in Denmark because of the chemicals in them, but I thought we would be covering them with lost of other paint, and also it is not like we were going to be kissing them or anything.

Squishy makeovers fail

Squishy makeovers fail – what I did wrong

For the first part I had bought the wrong paint, and that was one of the reasons why this turned into a Squishy makeovers fail and not a sucess. I got some white paint but slick and not matt, and that means that it did not cover anything. But me and the girls just kept going. Kept failing, because we also forgot to sand them first.

And then we were probably just to impatient and painted too much, layer after layer, before it was dry enough to do this.

So basically epic fail. It went horribly wrong as you can see in the video here.


What to do now

But the Squishy makeovers fail is fun to watch and it just made me even more dedicated to try and make it work. So right now I am waiting for the proper white MATT fabric paint to use as a base color, and then we will see, if it will improve. So many ideas to make.

And this just makes me even more impressed at Moriah Elizabeth and what she does. Check her channel out if you do not already know it.


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