Update on the 4-5 creativity challenge

creativity challenge

So, how is it going with the #4to5creativity challenge?

I have definitely used as a way to make more time to do something for me. Some days it just does not work out because of family logistics, and other days I get more time – or take more time, so I do think, I sped more time being creative now.

But yes, some days it just does not work out, and that is nothing to get caught up on. Not everything a be put into a schedule.

Planning is key for the creativity challenge

What I find helps me is to plan my activities a bit. So I always keep me journals and planners updated with all my project ideas, so I do not have to waste too much time actually figuring out what to do. That means I can get straight to working and having some creative fun, in that little bit of time I have. Batch working is something I do a lot and planning the batch working is also an important part. You can read more about that here.  It also makes a huge difference that I have a room set up for all my mess and projects, so I can get straight intothe creativity challenge without setting it up every time.

Time off for extra creativity

Recently we had a week off here in Denmark, and bot me ad my husband and the girls were off from school and work. We really needed some time to relax, and we no ways to make any wild plans, we had a week of pretty much chilling with whatever we wanted to do. There was so much freedom in that. So lots of cozy and relaxing family time, but also lots of creative time for me. Lots more than just the 4 to 5 slot. I have made lots of content for new videos – you can check some of them out here.

I enjoyed that a lot and it really boosted the productivity. Because it is important to remember, that I do not just enjoy creativity for myself, I also use it as a side hustle, and making books, videos and blog posts is my little busines. So to have a big chunk of time to work with that was awesome.

But now the everyday is here and it is back to my small slots of creativity with the creativity challenge and I will definitely keep up with that. I enjoy making things so much, so I simply would not be able to stop.

creativity challenge

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