Being creative on the screen

The challenges and fun experiences of being creative on the screen – as well as a textile and creative influencer are many


This last month I have been doing two LIVE sewalongs for the Red Cross Recycling organization. It has been a lot of fun!

I have done a skirt, two tops and a little gift-bag – all in the style of my Danish Sewing Book “From Bed to Clothes” “Fra seng til tøj”. Simple, casual styles made from soft and worn bedlinen.

You can watch them here and here, if you want to see them, but they are in Danish.

Being creative on the screen

Putting yourself out there is always a bit daunting, though

Even though I have a youtube channel and make lots of content, I am always nervous, when it comes to showing up on screen.

But I try to put my perfectionism away and just be myself, and maybe that can help someone else, who thinks they are not good enough to show what they do.

In one of the videos I made a lot of mistakes, and that was a bit unfortunate, but also ok. I mean everybody makes mistakes, and when things go live, that is just what happens. I refuse to beat myself up about that.

I had my husband Alan help me do the video, and that was very helpful. He could go in close, when it was a close up, and make sure that the viewers saw what they needed to see. So even though is seems like a one-woman show, it definitely is not.


Practice makes better…

But I have had to get a bit more used to seeing myself on screen, since I have been filming an advent calender for the local tv station. Every evening in December they will show a fun little DIY project that you can make for Christmas, and I will be the guide with glueguns and pompons. The filming process was fun but also challenging, and I am not sure I am ready to see the finished product. Is that just me being silly, or would you feel the same way?

I know I signed up for it, but I still feel weird about watching myself..


But I sure am happy for the challenge to reach a new audience and not just do sewing content, but also more creative stuff in the festive department.

Happy watching! You can see the teaser for it on TV2 Nord here. Such a great screendump 🙂 

(And if you want to know more about things I have done – with a link to a cringy music video, click here..)

Being creative on the screen

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