Hello, fellow creative people.

First of all, I am not a knitter. So please don’t laugh at my modest achievements.

My nan taught me how to knit when I was a kid, and yes, I did knit sometimes, but I was never any good at it. And if you think about it, the creative thing I love the most is sewing without a pattern to make it as swift as possible, so it does make a lot of sense, that I have never been good at sitting down and spending the dedicated time to knit something really nice. I could sew 300 garments in the time it takes to knit a jumper. Almost.

I still do not know how to follow knitting recipes, but guess what, I still knitted something that I am really happy about. A candy striped cardigan.

I was yarn shopping with Jolina and my mum for materials for a knitted jumper, she wanted to make me. And then, right there on the shelf I fell in love with the candy coloured mohair. And so I had to get it, to see if the awesomeness of the yarn could be motivation enough to knit something I could use and be proud of.

And it was.

I now have a cardigan I really love.

Don’t look at it too closely – and yes, my mum helped me with the edges, but still.

It was my dedication and patience that got me through the knitting of the endless rows.

So happy and proud. And already off to the next cardigan. Still not with a recipe, still just freestyling, and I will try to make it with raglan sleeves for a slightly better look.

  • And I did enjoy that it actually took time. It felt very zen to sit and knit and just enjoy the quiet time that comes with that. Also lovely with a crafting hobby that you can do in the sofa under the blanket while watching a bit of flumph telly.

The yarn is from Uldtråden in Brønderslev. A really chic and cosy yarn shop, I always love coming there, and now there actually is a reason to shop  some more yarn soon.